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Chapter 2 Round-up: Tuberculosis


Chapter 2 of “Dehati Mualij

Contagious Diseases

Tuberculosis (T.B)

In this post I will round up Chapter 2 of Dehati Mualij and link all the related posts for easy access.

Contagious Diseases: Tuberculosis (T.B)

It is a very dangerous contagious disease which is caused by specific kind of germs. Germs are a kind of microorganism which is present in the air around us. These organisms cannot be seen by the eye rather to see them usually special kind of instruments are used. When the TB germs enter a body they generate specific kind of knots in the affected part. Then as the time passes these knots convert into a bigger knot and that knot affects the whole part where the germs have collected. If one does not pay attention and take medicine then these knots start bursting and it becomes very painful.

Contagious Diseases: Tuberculosis (T.B) continued

  1. Occupation: The people working in occupations which involve dusty environment have more chances of suffering from Tuberculosis as the dust particles affect their lungs.
  2. Use of Drugs like Hashish and other drug addiction may cause general weakness in 2the person so the immune system gets weaker and these people get affected easily by the contagious diseases like Tuberculosis.

Types of Tuberculosis (TB)

TB is of many types. On the part of the body in which these germs interact with the body and cause the disease the disease is named with the same part. If the germs attack the lungs then it is called Lungs TB, if it attacks the bones then it is called TB of bones, and if it attacks the stomach and related parts then it is called extra pulmonary TB and so on and so forth.

Types of Tuberculosis (TB):Intestinal TB

Types of Tuberculosis (TB): Glandular TB

Precautionary Measures for TB patients

Herbal Treatment of Pulmonary TB

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