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Adventures in Ink:  The Remarkable Journey by Jannat Zeeshan

Welcome to “Adventures in Ink,” a thrilling series where every day, for the next few months, you’ll delve into the imaginative world of grade 7 and 8 students’ stories. As part of their term project, these young writers have crafted tales filled with suspense, adventure, and of course, the undead. While I’ve made minimal corrections for grammar and spelling, each story remains the original work of these budding authors. Get ready to be captivated by their creativity and immerse yourself in the gripping narratives they’ve crafted. The third was written and illustrated by my talented student Jannat Zeeshan from class 7C.

Ting! Ting! Ting! The rusty bronze bell rang. Miokl opened the door. An old lady wearing ripped clothes said to him, “Hey kid, I am an old friend of your mother. She asked me to give this to you so please take good care of it,” and before Miokl could say anything, the old lady ran away. Miokl placed the bag on the table and rushed to his room.

Miokl is a kid who loves playing Fortday, and his biggest dream was to be able to be Mani (a character of Fortday). He is in 2nd grade, and his family is suffering from poverty, thus he could not even afford a laptop or a PlayStation to play Fortday. One day, coming home from school, he took a close look at the bag, which the old granny with wrinkles gave him. Out of curiosity, he opened the brown bag and dusted it off. As he was opening it, the zip got stuck so he ripped the bag open. Then he saw a laptop and some cash, so he set the cash aside, and as soon as he turned the laptop on, the laptop engulfed him.

When he entered the screen, a rush of enjoyment came over him. It was his dream come true; he was in a game he always wanted to be part of. Then, as soon as possible, he started to play several matches he was willing to. The first one being ‘Ranked Battle Fight’. It was a match between a hundred people where they fought for a crown and win money. However, being the youngest player, he was able to succeed until the last level but was not able to earn the victory. Hence, he managed to make some friends.

They all planned to play ‘Create’ together. It is a game mode where we can play with our friends. We can respawn whenever we face death. We get battle stars in it if we have the battle pass, and it increases our level. There are different playgrounds. The most famous one was BHR. It is played by different creators such as Blake. Blake is the best Fortday creator as he plays the game so well. Everyone is a huge fan of him.

Then he wanted to play simple Battle Fight. There is a huge difference between ranked Battle Fight and simple Battle Fight. In ranked, we have to grind rank; the best rank is the ‘unreal’. Fewer people can get this rank. In simple Battle Fight, we can get on different levels. There are different fantasies such as a Fantasy Scar and a Thunder Pump Gun. There is an island named Loot Island; we can get different loot as it has loot in its name. We can earn points if we conquer it successfully. If we get the Loot Island, it is sure that we will win that match because we get the best guns and material to build and kill different people.

Then he saw an exit button. He thought that if he exited, he would go into a different game mode, but he was wrong. When he pressed that button, he went out of the screen, and he came into the original world. He felt happy and sad at the same time.

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