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The Princess and Her Sultan Chapter 6 Part 2

The Princess and her Sultan

Abdullah flicked his reins, a grim set to his mouth, even as he heard Mehmed turning to chatter with his fellow soldiers, his good natured voice low and assured. 

General Karim was at the head of the formation, and he had no idea of the precise stakes of this battle, being totally unaware as to His Majesty’s presence. 

He looked up as Abdullah approached, “Ah, Duke, we were waiting on you, I assume you are aware that your Cavalrymen shall be the second troop to follow us down?” 

He indicated the map spread out upon the battle desk in front of him. “My company is divided into 10 troops of 100 cavalrymen each, mine own troop will lead the charge from here in the middle, with another troop directly behind us, Captain Morgan’s men to the right and Captain Hameed’s to the left. The remaining two hundred will fan out behind in a semi circle to cover any gaps in the formation. We’ll begin our charge at sunrise, the blow of the Haran will indicate the start of the battle. Our Intel shows that all thirteen thousand of them are based here, including their women and children. They have about 6 thousand warriors among them and though they outnumber us, we have the element of surprise, and we also have the high ground, so I don’t foresee any difficulties. While my company of thousand cavalrymen leads the charge, I want your cavalry, Duke Ghamera to charge down in three prongs, and your 500 archers should array themselves in a loose half circle halfway down the slope to here,” he pointed at the rocky cliffs halfway down, “to cover us.” 

“I see,” said Abdullah, brow furrowed in concentration as he examines the map, “any news of how High Marshall Zaid will coordinate with us?” 

“He has his men arrayed in a similar strategy across us, on the other side of the barbarian camp. Andrug Raisal will start the Sheesha connection before the battle begins, so we can coordinate our strike.” He pointed to the full length mirror beside the war table. “I hope you are well familiar with the flag codes?” 

“Aye, the red flag indicates start of battle, blue to halt or wait, and green to regroup and retreat, they are each accompanied by their distinctive Haran drills.” Adullah summarized quickly. “Very well General, I leave this company in your capable hands. May Tanri guide your blade and guard your back.” 

General Karim solemnly replied, “May Tanri protect us and may He remain ever at our backs.” 

With that, Abdullah turned back and returned to his own men, finding Mehmed joking around with the soldiers, just as he’d left him. 

“Alright men,” Abdullah raised his arm and with a short drumbeat, all the soldiers came to attention themselves.  Captain Hisas, lead troop 1 and 2 and Captain Amir will lead troop 4 and 5,  Assume Tarshol Formation. My troop will be in the middle. Archers will assume Formation Alpha halfway down the hill under the command of Captain James. Get ready to ride out at my signal, let us prove our mettle for our Emperor and our People! May the light of Tanri shine upon Ghayyur evermore!” 

From there, the company fell into formation with the ease of a well-oiled machine. 

The wait was short. Soon, the first rays of the sun were seen. 

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