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Precautionary Measures for TB patients


If it confirmed that someone in the house is suffering from TB then immediately take the following measures to avoid spreading the infection to the other people in the house:

  1. Try to admit the affected person in the Sanatorium made by the government or other organizations for TB patients. In there these patients are provided with special care and treatment. These Sanatoriums are usually made in open and airy spaces and have airy rooms. The cleanliness in there is given special focus, and patients are provided with special care and food.
  2. If it is not possible then try to keep the patient away from others in an airy and clean room and take special care for the cleanliness in and around the room. Sometimes due to poverty and unavailability of space it is not possible for the people to provide a separate room, in this case try to find a free sanitorium for the patient;
  3. If all this is not possible then try to take the patient away from the other people and arrange for his living in an open space where a lot of air is available;
  4. Immediately separate the eating utensils of the patient from others and wash them separately;
  5. Do not wash his dirty clothing with other clothes. Change his bed sheet daily and wash separately;
  6. Provide him ash in a bowl so that patient could spit in that ash to avoid spreading of germs; To dispose off this ash dig a pit and put it in that pit and immediately cover it with mud.
  7. Provide freshly cooked simple food which is easily digestable ( more details on food will be given in the next post)
  8. Do not eat the patients left over food and also do not throw it away carelessly rather you should try to bury it as well;
  9. Do not let small children go near him and use a mask while attending the patient;
  10. After attending the patient wash your hands thoroughly with soap or any detergent;
  11. The patient and spouse should not do any sexual act as it will be very dangerous for both;
  12. Lactating mothers should not feed their children as the disease could be transferred to small children very easily;
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