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"Dehati Mualij" by Hakim Muhammad Saeed, Health

Contagious Diseases: Tuberculosis (T.B) continued


Chapter 2 of “Dehati Mualij

Contagious Diseases

Tuberculosis (T.B)

  1. Occupation: The people working in occupations which involve dusty environment have more chances of suffering from Tuberculosis as the dust particles affect their lungs.
  2. Use of Drugs like Hashish and other drug addiction may cause general weakness in 2the person so the immune system gets weaker and these people get affected easily by the contagious diseases like Tuberculosis.
  3. Hereditary: sometimes this disease comes from the genes of parents but it is very rare.
  4. The other reasons may include extra sensitive nature of a person, extra mental stress and extra physical labour.

The person who has suffered  from the diseases like asthma, or other diseases like pneumonia is much more vulnerable to this disease. These  illnesses specially affect the immune system so they dhould take special care of themselves.

As the disease is contagious so if there is someone at home who is suffering from this disease special care should be taken to keep the place around the patient clean. The patient should be provided a spitting pan which should be kept covered all the time. The utensils in which the patient is eating should be kept separate from the other utencils and should be washed separately. The remaining food of the patient should not be eaten or thrown away rather it should be buried in the earth so that the germs ddo not spread all over the place.

Although a women can get pregnant during this disease but the special care should be taken with this kind of patients and one should try to avoid pregnancy in this disease.   

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