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Types of Tuberculosis (TB)


TB is of many types. On the part of the body in which these germs interact with the body and cause the disease the disease is named with the same part. If the germs attack the lungs then it is called Lungs TB, if it attacks the bones then it is called TB of bones, and if it attacks the stomach and related parts then it is called extra pulmonary TB and so on and so forth.

The scientific names of these diseases are Pulmonary TB, extra pulmonary TB, TB lymphadenitis, Skeletal TB, Miliary TB, Genitourinary TB and liver TB.

Pulmonary TB

Generally there are three stages of this type of TB. The syptoms vary at each stage.

First Stage

At the first stage the following symptoms are common:

  1. General tiredness in the body. One gets tired with a small amount of physical work and his breathing is heavy;
  2. One feels depressed and dies not want tto do anything or any work;
  3. The person starts losing weight;
  4. Breathing gets  difficult;
  5. Cough in the morning and evening;
  6. Sometimes there is blood in the spit;
  7. Fever in the morning and evening;
  8. Sound get heavy while speaking;
  9. Upset stomach and head ache.

Second Stage

In the second stage the above given symptoms increase and one gets really ill. The real recognizable symptom is that the patient’s face gets red.

Third stage

At this stage all the above symptoms are increased and the patient could not eat anything as his stomach does not accept the normal diet and usually starts vomiting when eats something. The patient loses weight quickly and is so weak that bones can be counted easily. The lungs become weak and breathing becomes very difficult.

This is generally considered the last stage and generally the patient dies in two to three weeks.

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