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Herbal Treatment of Pulmonary TB


As the different kinds of TB affects the different parts of the body so the  treatment is also done in different manners. Hakeem Saeed suggested the following treatments  for Pulmonary TB.

  1. Take 12 grams each of bamboo shoots and Giloy leaves and add 325 grams of water. Cook it on low heat until half of the water is left. Now strain the water in a cup and mix 24 grams of pure honey in it. Give it to the patient to drink. Patient has to take this medicine twice a day. Every time prepare it fresh and do not refrigerate. This medicine will give relief not only to the fever but also to the cough. Use it for at least 15 days.
  2. Take 1 Kg of green bamboo shoot and extract the juice in a juicer. For the preparation of the medicine you will need 325 grams of juice, if it is not that much from 1 kg of bamboo shoots take more and have exactly 325 grams of juice. Add 1 Kg sugar and cook it on low heat. When all the sugar is dissolved cook it for five more minutes. Put it at a cool place or under a fan to cool. Save it in a bottle and give 12 grams to patient three or four times a day. It is also good for any kind of cough.
  3. Take 250 grams of bamboo flowers and put them in an open mouthed jar, add 750 grams of sugar and close the lid. After two or three days stir with a clean spoon so that they are mixed well. Keep stirring after every two days. After a week the medicine will be ready to use. Patient should eat 25 grams twice a day. This will benefit the cough and if there is blood in the cough it will be healed.
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