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Types of Tuberculosis (TB): Glandular TB

Glandular TB is known as “ Kanth Mala” in Punjabi and Urdu language. This is much less painful and dangerous than other kinds of TB.

In Glandular TB there are lumps in the body. Lumps can appear at any place but generally it is on the neck and sometimes it becomes so big that it misshapes the neck and one looks ugly. Sometimes there is only one lump but there could be many on different parts of the body. Sometimes these lumps burst open and can become dangerous for the patient and other persons around the patients but usually it does not happen.

If one touches these lumps it feels as if they are slipping under the fingers but there is no pain. If they increase in number or there size becomes uncontrollable then the patient starts feeling feverish. This fever is just like the fever which appears in other TB cases. The patient of Glandular TB does not feel hungry and becomes very weak.

When the patient becomes weak he can catch other diseases very easily.

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