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Types of Tuberculosis (TB):Intestinal TB

When the TB germs attack the intestines it is called intestinal TB. Intestinal TB can happen directly or as an effect of Pulmonary TB. Most of the times it occurs in small children and when it affects the children it is called the child TB (sukha in Urdu) but it can also happen in elders.

Intestinal TB generally starts from the intestines and it has the following symptoms:

  1. Stomach remains upset and one does not feel hungry;
  2. The patient complains of gases in the stomach and the stomach starts swelling;
  3. The patient is always complaining of stomach ache;
  4. When the disease is only affecting the small intestine at that point patient always complains of constipation;
  5. When it affects the large intestine then the patient is always complaining of loose motions;
  6. At the next stage there is blood in excreta, this is usually considered the last stage of the disease;
  7. If we touch the stomach of the patient one will be able to feel knots in the stomach;
intestinal TB

This type of TB causes weight loss at a high speed and the patient becomes weaker and weaker day by day. Sometimes the patient has fever as well. These patients have very high level of heartbeat and pulse rate is also very high. The patient dies in the end due to the weakness of the body.

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