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Contagious Diseases: Tuberculosis (T.B)


Chapter 2 of “Dehati Mualij

Contagious Diseases

Tuberculosis (T.B)

It is a very dangerous contagious disease which is caused by specific kind of germs. Germs are a kind of microorganism which is present in the air around us. These organisms cannot be seen by the eye rather to see them usually special kind of instruments are used. When the TB germs enter a body they generate specific kind of knots in the affected part. Then as the time passes these knots convert into a bigger knot and that knot affects the whole part where the germs have collected. If one does not pay attention and take medicine then these knots start bursting and it becomes very painful.

Although the germs exist all around us and they can affect anyone but if the body’s immune system is strong then the mechanism existent in the body is able to fight these germs nad can kill or control them  But if the immune system is weak then the germs may affect the body and cause many diseases. The ammune system can get weak due to the following reasons:

  1. General weakness: some people are generally weak and get affected easily by any kind of germs. The weak person is very susceptible to TB germs.
  2. Age factor: TB germs can affect the people of all ages but the chances of getting affected increase in the old age. Due to the general weakness in the old age TB germs can easily affect the body. It is common in Pakistan that old people cannot take care of themselves and so cannot maintain their health and energy so they aree easily affected by this disease.
  3. Climate: The chances of getting affected by TB germs increase in the wet climate and darkness. The people who live in dark houses where sunshine does not reach are affected easily by TB germs.
  4. Diet: In our country we do not focus on the healthy food rather most people think that the best food is meat and ghee. This causes unnecessary burden on the stomach and stomach gets upset. When the stomach is not working well then the healthy blood is not generated in the body which weakens the immune system and the germs start attacking the body.
  5. Sexual Habits: sometimes people have too much sex which then weakens the immune system and germs get their way into the body.


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