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Translation of “Dehati Mualij” written by Hakim Muhammad Saeed

Background of “Dehati Mualij”

Hakeem Mohammad Saeed wrote a book “Dehati Mualij’ (Rural Healer) in his life which is a very useful book for rural people. His idea behind this book was to give basic health information to the rural people so that they could treat themselves with herbal medicine at their home.

Everyone knows that rural areas most of the time do not house medical facilities and the medical facilities available in the cities is often not accessible for them.  This access problem has many reasons behind it. Sometimes there is no transport and other times there is no money. So by writing this book he has tried to solve the problem of poverty and access.

This book is written by Hakim Muhammad Saeed in very simple language and is in Urdu. Rural people can  benefit from this book easily. Now we are translating this book written by Hakim Muhammad Saeed into English so that the people living outside  Pakistan could also benefit from this book. From now on our health posts will focus exclusively on translating and preserving this great work.

A Brief Introduction of Hakeem Muhammad Saeed

Hakim Muhammad Saeed

Hakim Muhammad Saeed – Picture Credit: Pakistan Today

Hakeem Muhammad Saeed was a writer, scholar, a medical researcher,  intellectual, innovator, entrepreneur and a philanthropist, He worked very hard all his life to do research in alternative medicine specially tib-e yonani and Ayurveda treatment.

He wrote many books and articles on the alternative medicine and improving health of common man.

He is a legend and live forever due to his work for the people of not only Pakistan but for all the people who live in poverty and are unable to afford the costly treatment.

“Hakim Saeed, as he was popularly known established Hamdard Dawakhana, from the institution his father created in India bd efore partition. His organization which was mainly focused on traditional medicine later went on to diversify in fields of higher education, publishing and social work. Hamdard is one of the largest production facilities of traditional or herbal medicines in Pakistan. Hakim Saeed’s work in reviving traditional medicine is considered to be pioneering in contemporary times because he established on modern footings and got it recognized by established bodies like World Health Organization (WHO).

Hakim Saeed was always optimistic and enthusiastic about Pakistan and what all this country has to offer. He established ‘Madina-tul-Hikmat’ (city of wisdom) in outskirts of Karachi which today houses different institutions of higher education including Hamdard university. Hakim Saeed was always very fond of interacting with children and was a popular figure among them through his writing from a children magazine, Naunehal. Hakim Saeed also served as Governor of Sindh.

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