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Recipe for Bombay Toast

Bombay toast is a local version of French toast and the good thing is that they are not sweet as no sugar is used for making these. Bombay Toast can be served at breakfast or with evening tea as snack. The good thing about it is that even the stale bread can be used to make this delicious breakfast or snack.  It is very delicious and nutritious.  Most people like it very much. Bombay Toast is easy to make and one can make it very quickly. I am writing this recipe only for four toasts. This is quick dish for diabetic people.

Ingredients for Bombay Toast

Bread slices 4

One egg

½ cup milk

¼ tsp. salt

¼ tsp. black pepper

2 tbsp. ghee or oil

How to Make Bombay Toast

  • In an open mouthed bowl break the egg and add milk, salt and black pepper and beat until the egg and milk mix well;
  • Now heat a frying pan and then lower the heat;
  • Put some oil in the pan so that it is greasy and bread slice does not stick to it;
  • Dip a bread slice in the mixture and put it in the heated pan;
  • When it is light brown on one side turn it over and let the other side get light brown;
  • Cook the other bread slices like this;
  • Very delicious Bombay toast is ready to serve;
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