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Charda Suuraj Affiliate Program

CSAP: Charda Suuraj Affiliate Program

We have started an affiliate program for all our products. This program is only open to those living in Pakistan and is a brilliant way to earn money online. We offer the highest commission rates available online, allowing people at home to earn easy.

Join the program, Work from Home, Earn Big, Be Stronger, Live Better!

An overview of our programs is below. For full terms and conditions Visit the Charda Suuraj Affiliate Program Service Agreement Page.


Our Affiliate program is divided into three tiers/classes, each corresponding to a specific type of affiliate with a different payout percentages, and different privileges.

The CSAP on the offers three Classes of membership: Full, Extended and Exclusive. Affiliates can apply to become members in any one or two of these classes. The Full class is for everyone while the Extended and Exclusive classes are either/or choices that are optional. All CSAP members start in the Full class, and can participate in pay-per-sale program. All members can participate in pay-per-sale programs.

The Full Class Affiliates

These are the first level affiliates and the properties of this class are:

  • 10% Commission on every sale made through the affiliate link.
  • All Affiliates have to do is promote the brand and products on their site/platform using the affiliate link, any sales acquired through their link will be attributed to them.
  • Affiliates will receive the commission payments accumulated in their account in the previous at the start of every new month.
  • Affiliates will be charged a minimal money transfer fee. The fee will vary according to the affiliates’ preferred method of receiving commission.
  • Affiliates must have at least PKR 1000 in their payment account for their earnings to be transferred.

The Extended Class Affiliates

These are the second affiliates and the properties are:

  • Everything in the Full Class.
  • Additionally if they sell any of Charda Suuraj’s products on their site/online shop. For example they sell the product through their own daraz shop.
    • They will forward the order request to us and we will receive payment, process it, send the product to the them and they will ship to customer.
    • They will receive 15% commission for such a sale. (But not for sale through affiliate link).

The Exclusive Class Affiliates

These are the third type of affiliates and their properties include:

  • Everything in the Extended Class.
  • Additionally these types of affiliates can buy the product directly from us, in quantities no less than 10 per shipment and then sell wherever they wish.
  • They will receive 25% commission.

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