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Kareley ki Sabzi

Finally celebrations of Eid-ul Adha is over and once again we are back to normal cooking, so we thought that we should share some vegetable recipe. 

Kareley (bitter melon or gourd) can be cooked in various styles. We will keep sharing other recipes in our other posts. Kareley (bitter melon or gourd) is a summer vegetable and is liked in Pakistan and India. Cooking Karelas (bitter melon or gourd) is a bit complicated and one has to follow the process carefully. 


Kareley (bitter melon or gourd ) 1 kg

Onions 250 grams

Tomatoes 250 grams

3 tspoon salt

1 tspoon red chili powder

¼ tspoon turmeric

Oil for frying ½ kg

Oil for cooking 2 serving spoons

Preparing the Karelas for cooking

1 Kg Karelas (bitter melon or gourd)

2 teaspoon salt


Cut the Karelas (bitter melon or gourd) in rounds and while cutting extract the seeds

Spread  the 2 teaspoon salt on Karelas (bitter melon or gourd)

Put them in sunlight for an hour

Then rub them with both hands and wash thoroughly with water

Put them on a clean cloth so that the extra water drains out

Now the Karelas (bitter melon or gourd) are ready for next steps


Deep fry the Kareley in a frying pan or karahi until they are brown;

Cut the onions length wise.

Slice the tomatoes in a separate bowl.

Add two serving spoon  oil in a cooking pan and stir fry the onions till they are soft, (there is no need to brown the onions);

Then add 1 tspoon salt, red chili and turmeric in the pot;

Keep stirring and add fried kareley (bitter melon or gourd);

Now add tomatoes , stir once or twice and cover the ccooking pot with a lid;

Lower the flame to the minimum and cook for five minutes;

Now remove the lid and cook on high flame for two minutes, keep stirring so that it does not buurn;

Tasty and mouth watering kareley are ready to serve;

Happy cooking to all!!

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