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Shinwari Roast Recipe

Eid Special: Shinwari Roast

Shinwari Roast is a traditional dish and is eaten with relish specially on the occasion of Eid ul adha. My husband is very fond of this dish and he makes it whenever he gets his hands on beef. Generally, Shinwari roast is made of beef but Mutton can also be used. I am sharing this recipe and am sure that all will try and like it.


Beef 1 kg

Potatoes ½ kg

Tomatoes ¼ kg

Onions 2 large (peel and cut in rounds)

Green chili 6 whole 

Ghee 100 grams

Salt 2 tsp.

Turmeric ¼ tsp.

Ginger paste 1 tbsp.

Garlic paste 1 tbsp.

Garam masala powder 1 tsp.

Yogurt ¼ kgs


Mix salt and garam masala in yogurt and then marinate the beef with this mixture, cover the bowl and put it aside for 1 ½ hour

Now take the pressure cooker and put ghee in it, heat the ghee so that it looks like liquid, now turn off the heat;

At the bottom put a layer of potatoes without peeling or cutting;

Then on the potatoes put a layer of tomatoes, you can cut them in half or use them as it is;

Now put  a layer of onions and then put a layer of marinated beef. All the margination should also go in;

Put green chilli, garlic and onion paste, turmeric powder on top of the beef;

Close the lid of the cooker and put weight on it, put it on high flame for 5 minutes;

After that lower the flame to maximum lowest possible and let it cook for 2 hours;

After two hours put out the fire, and remove the weight;

After sometime open the pressure cooker, the delicious Shinwari roast is ready to serve.

Serve with nan or flat bread,

Happy cooking!

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