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Uses of Neem Tree Leaves

Leaves are the most useful part of the neem tree. If the fresh leaves are available then it is very good but if not available then use the dried leaves. These leaves are available in every herbal medicine store. If you are using the fresh leaves then make a paste by grinding them thoroughly but if you are using the dried leaf powder then mix it in water. Here are some uses of leaves and methods to use them.

The Immune System

Just take half tea spoon of neem powder and eat it with plain water. Neem leaf powder is beneficial for triggering the immune system. The strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of neem leaf powder flush the harmful toxins and other impurities from the blood aiding to build a stronger immune system and keep infections at bay.

Regulates Blood Sugar

Evidence strongly supports that neem leaf powder is highly valuable to control and stabilize blood sugar spikes. I have not tried it but after this will try and see its benefits.

Dental Health

Evidence revealed that neem leaf  applied to the teeth and gum aids in treating dental plaque. Take a little bit of neem leaf powder and use for teeth cleaning either with a finger or with tooth brush.

Promotes Gut Health

Neem leaf powder has been used extensively for centuries in treating and preventing various intestinal disorders, It promotes the digestion process and reduces gut inflammation.


Neem extracts portray strong anti-microbial properties that offer a one-shot remedy for different types of viruses, bacteria, or other microbes. Apart from protecting the body from microbial invasion it also prevents infection from various carriers like insects and bugs since they form the root cause of many health anomalies. By contaminating food and water, these microbes can often cause problems ranging from rashes and itching to fever and infections. Be it in the form of powder or oil, neem can also prevent infectious diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever etc.

Hair Health

Neem leaf powder is beneficial for treating  dandruff. Apply the paste of neem leaf powder  on the scalp and rinse after 20 minutes. This helps in clearing dandruff, cleansing hair scalp, treating lice, conditioning the hair. It adds volume and shine to the hair.


Neem leaf powder is generally safe with very minimal side effects, but when taken in large amount may cause kidney and liver damage. It is not recommended for pregnant women and children.


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