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How to Improve Your Immune System

Fight Against Disease

The Immune system is the body’s primary defence against infections and other

bacteria, germs

Infections and other harmful Invaders

detrimental invaders. Immune systems consist of special cells, tissues and organs which work together to protect us against disease; without it we would constantly be sick from bacteria, viruses, bacteria, cancer cells or parasites.

There are many cases where your immune system doesn’t work as well as it should; and as we age our immune system automatically gets weaker.  People with auto-immune deficiency tend to contract illnesses such as pinkeye, sinus infections, colds, diarrhoea and pneumonia etc. more easily and often.

The following is a therapy for anyone who has a weak immune system and would like to give their immune system a boost. The following therapy strengthens and supports your immune system, slowly reversing any damage; leaving you felling healthier and free of disease.

The Therapy

Boost Your immune System

Boost Your Immune System

This time we bring you another one of our breathing therapies, we have previously give you remedies for specific problems such as exhaustion or head aches, but this is a remedy that promotes overall health by improving your immune system.

This is a simple and easy breathing therapy that shows effects within a week, some have even felt a change after two days. To practice this therapy you must wake up early in the morning (about 6-7ish in Pakistan). Perform it directly after waking up in the morning, before doing anything else. Do not wait to practice it later on; as its effectiveness decreases drastically if you do so. Also try not to eat anything for at least three hours before practising this therapy. (This would not be an issue if you do it as soon as you wake up).

The Method

The Half Lotus Pose

The Half Lotus Pose

  1. Place a yoga mat, or sit on the carpet with your back straight and your legs crossed. The half lotus yoga position is preferred; you can find instructions for it here. (Alternately, if you are unable to sit on the ground due to any sort of impairment, then you can sit on a chair.)
  2. The next step is to set a timer for five minutes.
  3. Now, take long, deep breath in through your nose.
  4. Hold it for as long as possible (we recommend a minimum of 30 seconds – if this is not possible, work your up to it slowly over the course of a few days).
  5. Then release the breath again through your nose. Repeat this until the time is up.
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  4. I don’t smoke and I’m happy with that. I am sure it’s such a good thing to maintain our immune system. But it’s kind of hard avoiding tobacco smoke of others 🙁

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