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A Therapy to Help You Triumph Over Tiredness


Nowadays exhaustion is like an epidemic. The very technology meant to make our lives easier adds to the stress, I have often seen my husband answering emails and responding to work emergencies over the weekend. People in general are glued to their phones and we stay up at night binge watching shows or chatting with our friend.  The hectic pace of life is amplified via technology and clear boundaries between work times and rest times have vanished.sleep-2035383_1920.jpg

All of this contributes to increased amount of tiredness in our life.

“I have noticed that six out of ten patients who visit me complain of tiredness. Either they get tired very easily or they feel tired all the time.” says Dr Afia a physician in Rawalpindi.

Its impacts are negative for social and family life. Work also suffers and one’s productivity goes down.

The reasons could be many but most of the time it is due to the life style. The people are sitting on computer or in front of TV or using mobile phone. This causes not only stress, but also leads to lack of healthy activities like walk, and interaction with others.

“Around 20% of fatal road accidents involve driver fatigue. According to VicRoads Road Accident Facts Victoria, 1998 Edition, about 30% of severe single vehicle crashes in rural areas involve the driver being fatigued.” Transport Accident Commission.[i]

So be warned tiredness is not a good sign!

Take five minutes of the day for yourself. Make yourself healthier; keep yourself fresh and active by doing this breathing exercise.

  • Sit in a cross legged position;
  • Keep your spine straight;
  • Breathe deeply twice;
  • Now close your left nostril and breathe with the right one for five minutes;
  • You will feel the difference immediately

This exercise can be repeated whenever you feel tired. You can do it three times a day. But do once at least and within one month you will feel energetic and healthy.

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  1. Everyone can benefit from this! I shared with my fellow exhausted moms!

  2. Great tips for managing tiredness. Will definitely put this into my routine. Thanks for sharing

    • Zubaida Hussain

      Thanks for this comment. I have tried it and it worked for me

  3. I’m a big fan of breathing techniques! They are really useful to not only gain energy, but also to put your mind at ease. Thanks for the tips for the exercise, I’ll make sure to try it out!

  4. mistimaan

    Nice post

  5. Zubaida Hussain

    I have used this and this is really a good one

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