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Have A Headache? Heal Yourself in 5 Minutes with This Technique

Have a headache?

Headaches are disturbing but the question is why it happens.  Headaches often occur due to stress and sometimes due to noisy environment. The brain refuses to accept enough oxygen due to the stress and gets overworked due to noise. Sometimes headaches are so severe that one has to take medicines to cure them.



Medicines often suppress the pain but do not cure it. There are simple breathing remedies for the headache. Here is one which I have tried many times and it has always worked.

This also helps to cure migraines.

How to do?


  • Sit straight
  • Close the right nostril
  • Breathe deeply with the left nostril
  • Keep doing this for five minutes
  • Headache will fade away, if it does not fade completely try again after 20 minutes. It will fade completely.

Keep doing this daily till you are completely cured.

Share your experience with us.

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  1. S.M.Younus

    Nice post I love it. I have a problem any one can help me to resolve it my wife is a depression patient she tells me that she is having half body pain. The pain starts from half head to help me.

  2. These are great tips! I suffer from migraine so thank you for sharing this!

  3. mistimaan

    Nice post

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