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Adventures in Ink: The ferocious bear and the Lion by Aashir Adnan

Welcome to “Adventures in Ink,” a thrilling series where every day, for the next few months, you’ll delve into the imaginative world of grade 7 and 8 students’ stories. As part of their term project, these young writers have crafted tales filled with suspense, adventure, and of course, the undead. While I’ve made minimal corrections for grammar and spelling, each story remains the original work of these budding authors. Get ready to be captivated by their creativity and immerse yourself in the gripping narratives they’ve crafted. The third was written and illustrated by my talented student Aashir Adnan from class 8N.

Once upon a time, there was a bear who called himself the “King of the Jungle”. There were many who apposed him but none could stand against him as his strength was too mighty.One day a peacock appeared infront of the bear and said to him, “The true king of the jungle is coming to reclaim his throne.”, hearing this the bear grew enraged and wanted to challange this so called, “True king of the jungle.”The peacock then returned to the king and told him about the challange proposal.

On a rainy day, the two challangers approached each other, One was the claimed “King of the jungle”, the mighty bear and the other was the challanger for the throne, The Lion.
They both charged into battle and exchanged blows as the ground shook in awe of their strength. After a long fought battle the victor emerged, the Lion, while grinning the Lion said to the bear, “your downfall was destined to be as you were nothing but a oblivous fool.” With this the bear was exiled from the jungle, never to come back. The bear went on a journey of enlightenment, to repent and to become a better person so he could once again face against the Lion, not to steal the throne but to relive a great battle once again.

The bear once again faced the great Lion, and the Lion asked, “Are you here to reclaim the throne or have you finally a better person?”, the bear responded, “I am here to feel the sensation of a grand battle, not to reclaim some lousy throne.”, the lion smiled and the two clashed in a great battle, this time the bear had became the victor but when the Lion offered the throne, the bear declined it and said, “I wish nothing else but to serve a true king like you.” Thus the battle of the Bear and the king Lion were engraved into history.

Disclaimer: The picture is AI generated art.

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