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Green Kale Salad Recipe

This Green Kale Salad is so named for its kale and spinach pesto-esque dressing. Frankly, my rule for salads is literally: anything goes. Just chuck in the vegetables you are able to get a hold of and as long as you have a general sense of what they taste like, and what goes with what, you’ll be fine. If you’re not confident though, just use what I did and I promise it’ll turn out superb.


For the Salad

1 medium head of cabbage finely shredded

3 cups chopped salad leaves

2 cups cubed apples

3 cups strawberries quartered

1 cup radishes thinly sliced

4 cups halved seared brussel sprouts

1 tablespoon butter

¼ tsp salt

For the dressing

½ cup milk

100 g pecans

¼ cup freshly squeezed orange juice

1 tsp. Salt

1 tbsp. Neutral Oil

1 tsp. Brown sugar

¼ tsp. Ground black pepper

¼ tsp. Garam masala

A pinch of red chilli powder

3 cloves of garlic (large)

4 cups blanched spinach

1 cup blanched kale


  1. First, add the pecans to the milk and bring the milk to a boil, let sit while you prepare the vegetables. 
  2. While that mix is still hot, add the orange juice and stir once. 
  3. Get a pot of water on the boil, add the kale and spinach, cover and let cook for two minutes, then drain and set aside. 
  4. Chop all the vegetables to the specifications in the ingredients list. 
  5. Cut the brussel sprouts in half and toss into a frying pan with the butter with the ¼ tsp salt and cook until seared dark brown. 
  6. For the dressing,first blend everything with a food processor, then again in a blender, ensuring it is completely smooth. 
  7. Toss together and serve. 
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