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Featured: A Review of the Pakistani Drama “Kankar”

Kankar is a drama serial aired on Hum TV in 2013 and is been aired in 2022 as well. The last episode was aired on 14th November. I had not watched it before but this time it was aired , being a women rights activist, I watched it, and paid full attention how the domestic abuse has been dealt with and how our society acts towards this abuse. 


Synopsis of Kankar

For those who haven’t seen it, Kankar, written by Umera Ahmed, is the story of the middle child Kiran, played by Sanam Baloch. She is her father’s favorite and somewhat liberal. Her relationship with her sister reminds me of the relationship between Jane and Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice. Pressure to marry the eldest daughter was a constant source of anxiety for the family, and in many cases Kiran was a source of support for her sister, as many potential rishtas did not appear to be successful.

Kiran attended college with his cousin Aarzoo whose father was Kiran’s father’s ‘rich brother’. The relationship between the two families may be strained, but the two cousins ​​remain close. Aarzoo has always hoped to marry the khala’s son, Sikandar. Although Sikandar does not share his feelings, he does not object to such a match, until he meets Kiran. After several encounters with her, he finds himself in love with her, helpless and uncontrollable.

Why  Kankar is popular


Kankar’s greatest success is the flawless performance of all the actors. Fahad Mustafa looks dapper as a restrained and classy Sikandar. All of his demeanor, greatly aided by his excellent clothing choices and acting, will of course create a man with a lasting impression on your mind. I doubt Fahad Mustafa has ever looked better. Sikandar is the man who can melt your heart as well as break it. A man who can take you to the top of the world is the one who makes you feel lonely. He is your savior as well as the source of your greatest pain. The greatest success in Fahad Mustafa’s intense performance is that he created this conflict in the minds of all female audiences. We may hate his actions, but in the end, like Kiran, we feel neither hatred nor indifference towards him. He can still shake your heart with his presence, until reality helps you pull yourself together.


Writer Umera Ahmed has successfully used the character of Sikandar to highlight the most important truth in life, which is that “all that glitters is not gold”. Sometimes everything is fine, but closer inspection can uncover serious flaws. Sometimes you may want to wholeheartedly focus on the finer things in life, but when frustration, pain, and loss of self-esteem eats away at you from within, the only thing to do is leave. 


Sanam Baloch is in my opinion one of the best actresses we have today and again in Kankar she is in top form. She is like any other girl. Her hopes and dreams were the same as any young woman’s when she entered life. She believes that she will be loved, honored and protected by the man of her dreams, whom she is lucky enough to marry. The first slap turned out to be a rude awakening. As she overcomes her life’s challenges in this film – choosing hope over reason for the first time until a miscarriage forces her to make a decision to put reason over heart – that forces us all to look deep within ourselves and ask ourselves what we would do in there. place.

Overall Impact of Kankar

What Kankar certainly did, when it was released and still to this day, was to provoke a debate. Each woman looking at it will express her own point of view, based on her own experiences on such questions.

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