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Happy Diamond Jubilee Pakistan!

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Pakistan day Speech:

Assalam O Alaikum, Happy Independence day Pakistan respectable Principal, worthy teachers, my dear colleagues, brothers, and sisters Happy Independence to you.

Independence is unquestionably a wonderful blessing. When inhaling in the fresh air, you will genuinely feel independent and free. Due to this independence, we are all protected.

We are allowed to breathe freely here as independent, honourable, and law-abiding Pakistani citizens thanks to our hard work.

Pakistan is a gift. It is a gift that has been bestowed upon us as a result of the sacrifices made by hundreds of freedom fighters who made the decision to live in freedom and to defend their progeny.

Distinguished sir, we are all aware of the significance of August 14th. We are standing here to thank the leaders who gave us this free country. The leaders who refused to submit to the demands and plots of British and Hindu control, such as Quaid Azam, Iqbal, Sir Syed Ahmed, Liaqat Ali, and others, have been our great heroes. We as a generation will be eternally grateful for the sacrifice made by these leaders.

It serves as a reminder of our actual motivations for founding Pakistan as a sovereign nation. The 14th of August serves as a reminder of our unfulfilled and neglected obligations.

Therefore, let’s all pledge to be hardworking, disciplined, devoted, true, truthful, and cooperative Pakistani citizens today, as we are all accountable for the future of our nation. I proudly, honourably, and dignifiedly serve my country.

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