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Top three posts about Asian TV Shows


Post #1 My Top 10 Ultimate Favourite Asian TV Series


This is a list of my Ultimate Favourite Asian TV Series; it includes works from all over Asia, and I have included only the very best. I did not do a Pakistan dedicated list because it is very hard to find subs for them. All in all I love all the shows on this list and I believe that even if you have never watched foreign show before, you should give them a chance.

Post # 2 Featured: A Review of Pakistani Drama Zid



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This Pakistani Drama Zid is reflecting on Polygamy, immigration and young people trying to make a living. The main Character Saman is a rude, no-nonsense career woman, who has previously broken off two engagements. She then marries Omar, an American man, at her family’s urging. Her motive for marrying him is to be able to immigrate to America. When she reaches there she discovers that she has been tricked by her family into becoming the second wife.

Featured: A Review of the Korean Drama  “Grand Prince”

Drama "Grand Prince"

About the Drama

The Drama “Grand Prince”  was released in 2018, it a South Korean television series which stars Jin Se-yeon, Yoon Shi-yoon and Joo Sang-wook. The actual title of this drama is in Korean “대군 – 사랑을 그리다” which when romanized is “Daegoon: Sarageul Geurida, meaning “Grand Prince: Paint a Picture of Love”. This drama is a fusion Saeguk which means (for those of you who are not kdrama nerds) it is a historical drama made with modern elements mixed in. It has some political and historical elements but it is primarily a romance.

It aired on TV Chosun from March 3 to May 6, 2018 on Saturdays and Sundays at 22:50.


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