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My Top 10 Ultimate Favourite Asian TV Series


car-2561002_1920This is a list of my Ultimate Favourite Asian TV Series; it includes works from all over Asia, and I have included only the very best. I did not do a Pakistan dedicated list because it is very hard to find subs for them. All in all I love all the shows on this list and I believe that even if you have never watched foreign show before, you should give them a chance.

#10 Alif Noon (1971)

Alif Noon 1971

Taken from: Meanwhile in Pakistan[i]

This is a story about two friends who are complete opposites. Allan is the intelligent and corrupt businessman, whereas his friend Nannha is a virtuous and principled village man. This is a comedy, but it also addresses serious issues faced by Pakistani society such as, fraud, scamming and cheating, among others.

It is a show worth watching, because it teaches you valuable lessons while keeping you in stiches with laughter. In my opinion, comedies are always best when they have an underlying deep message and this show gives you that in spades.

The reason this falls so low in the list is that sadly, I was not able to find subtitles for this one, since it is such an old drama.

#9 Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: Ikemen Paradise


Taken from: Wikipedia

This story is based on a manga of the same name, it features a Japanese-American track star Mizuki Ashiya who is so obsessed with a her hero, a star athlete in Japan, that she comes to Japan and disguises herself as boy in order to attend the same school as him.

While the premise for the show sounds kind of weird at first, the drama quickly sucks you in and you soon find yourself falling in love the characters. The Japanese Moe-moe (cutesy) style of filming can be a bit jarring at first but the story and characters are good enough to engage you. The story is heartwarming, fun and a bit silly, so that you find yourself having lighthearted fun right along with the characters.

You can find the drama with subs, here:

Or here:

#8 Bu Bu Jing Xin – (Scarlet Heart)

This a time-travel masterpiece that is so famous that there is a Korean re-make. A modern girl wakes up in the body of a lady from the Qing dynasty and due to her knowledge gets embroiled in palace politics between the many princes.

I loved this drama a lot. It has a great premise and the time travel is done beautifully. The bald princes are a little off-putting at first, but you soon get used to them. The characters are complex and multifaceted and you get absorbed into their trials and tribulations easily.

You can find the drama with subs, here:

Or you can find it here:…bu-bu-jing-xin/%7B%5B%7Bnotification.object.url%7…

#7  It Started With A Kiss (and the sequel They Kiss Again)

This drama is based on a Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss. It is a romantic comedy that focuses on a lovely and sweet, but slight less intelligent girl who falls in love with a super genius boy at her high school. It so happens that she and her father move into her crush’s home after an earthquake. The romantic comedy of opposites attract is still popular today.

You will not believe how many versions of this same story I have watched; just about every Asian country has made one. In my expert opinion, (sarcasm) this is the best version of this drama. It is heart-warming, funny and cute. You will love the sweet leads and find yourself becoming staunch supporters of their romance. This dram has plenty of clichés and cheese, but I love because of this not in spite of it, and you will too. Give it a chance.

You can find the drama with subs, here:

#6 I Hear Your Voice

Park Soo Ha, a mysterious teen with the ability to read minds, joins a task force to solve impossible crimes, bringing justice to innocent victims of the inept justice system.

For writing this list I had to Re-watch parts of all these shows, but especially this one; as the previous time I watched it was when it released way back in 2013, so I didn’t really remember much of the plot other than “It was awesome!” I ended up re-watching it all the way through because it was so compelling. This is a drama with a wonderful cast of amazing actors. The mysteries are fun to solve, and the powers come into play in an interesting way.  I love the premise of the show and it fully delivers on its promise.  Definitively a show worth watching.

You can find the drama with subs, here:

#5 Kill Me, Heal Me

This drama is about a rich heir to a family company with one major problem. Cha Do Hyun has multiple personality disorder, due to childhood trauma. If this fact is discovered by his rivals, he could lose his inheritance, so he tries to deal with it in secret. He hires a personal physiatrist, and has her try to help him get rid of his alternate personalities.

This drama is a complex and compelling look at psychological disorders, their causes and effects. It’s unique way of portraying the split personalities allows you to understand and appreciate the protagonists difficulties. This show also has some of the most amazing actors; they pull off a rich and compelling performance, keeping the audience hooked to the last minute.  All-in-all it is a show that is both fun to watch and deeply emotional. Highly recommended.

You can find it here:

#4 My Love from Another Star

This drama is romance involving an alien and a human. Do Min Joon, is an alien who landed on earth 400 years ago, and has been observing them ever since. He believes that his race is superior to humans, as he has enhanced vision, hearing and agility. Then he encounters the popular actress Cheon Song Yi, falling in love and having his views overturned.

This drama is a romantic romance that romances. (LOL, that sentence would not get out of my head so I decided to write in in… giggles sheepishly).  But seriously, this is a romance that the watcher can root for 100%. You fall in love with the couple as you watch and their triumphs and pitfalls become yours. It is a feel-good romance that reaffirms your faith in true love. If you enjoy any sort of romance you are bound to like this one.

You can watch it:

#3 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

In this show, the Holy Empire of Britannia has conquered most of the known world, including Japan, now dubbed Area 11. The Japanese have lost the right to self-government and are considered inferior citizens, called Elevens. The Empire has very powerful mech technology called Knightmares, that it uses to their control on the rebellious elements.  The Japanese have no chance of overthrowing their suppressors.  But all of this changes with the introduction of Lelouch, a Brittanian who has a grudge against the Empire. He gains a mysterious power called Geass, and employs his immense intelligence to wield it against the Empire.

Okay, first of all, as you can see, this not a drama like the other shows on the list. It is in fact the only anime that managed to make the list despite being an anime. The reason I am excluding other anime from this list is that if I didn’t, this would rapidly turn into just an anime list, and that list would be therefore focused on a different audience; consequently, long story short I stuck to the one show it was impossible to not include in the list.

This is an anime I feel everyone should watch at least once in their lives. It is one I believe is not only a great anime but one of the greatest TV shows in all of existence.  This anime pulls you in rapidly and doesn’t let go until it’s over. It is a fast-paced adventure, with politics, war and strategic maneuvering featuring heavily. The show asks substantial questions about morality, life and death, and the greater good, making you think and debate about these as you watch. Even with the heavy themes you are always fascinated by the characters and can’t help but be drawn in by Lelouch’s prodigious and frightening intelligence.  This is a no holds barred show that goes all out and doesn’t hesitate to take even the darkest routes.

You can find it here:

#2 Humsafar

It is the story of newlyweds; Khirad and Ashar, and how they adjust to their arranged marriage. Some of the people in their life are unhappy and the couple faces many trials and tribulations because of it.

All in all, Humsafar is one of Pakistan’s best ever dramas.  The cast is amazing, and it is genuinely heartwarming to watch the two leads fall in love. They kind of reaffirm your faith in marriage, love and the whole shebang. It is a classic drama that everyone in Pakistan has seen at least once (even my brother’s friends have seen it and they were middle-schoolers when it first aired). It is a drama that appeals to a majority of people, definitely worth a watch.

You can find it on Netflix here:

Or you can watch it with subtitles here:


#1 The Empress Of China

Okay, okay, I’ll confess, I am a Wuxia fan, however, this is not your typical wuxia. This is a historical fiction that focuses on the Life of Empress Wu Zetian; the only female Emperor of China. Her story is told with such beautiful artistry, that the costumes alone leave you breathless! This is a much more personal and sympathetic take on her rise to power. The acting is brilliant, and you fall easily in love the characters. This drama takes you from happy, to sad, to scared and exited, it is a wonderfully produced masterpiece of a story. A must watch for any fans of historical drams, or political dramas.

You can find a preview here:

You can watch it in full here:

And, that’s it Folks!

Hope you enjoy, and feed my unhealthy drama addiction by listing your favourites down below!



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