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Featured: A Review of Pakistani Drama Zid

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This Pakistani Drama Zid is reflecting on Polygamy, immigration and young people trying to make a living. The main Character Saman is a rude, no-nonsense career woman, who has previously broken off two engagements. She then marries Omar, an American man, at her family’s urging. Her motive for marrying him is to be able to immigrate to America. When she reaches there she discovers that she has been tricked by her family into becoming the second wife.

Overall Thoughts About this Pakistani Drama

The cast is well chosen and everyone is playing the assigned role very well. The dialogues are good and every character is playing their role to the best. This Pakistani Drama Zid captures the attention at the beginning but as it goes on one loses interest as there are many gaps and contradictions. I myself only watched it to the end as I wanted to write a review of the Pakistani Drama Zid but now I am sorry that it seems that I am only criticizing the drama.


Main Character

Pakistani Drama

Saman – Photo Courtesy: HUM TV blog

The main character of the Pakistani Drama Zid is Saman Ali a young girl who wants to accelerate in her career but due to her parent’s interventions is not able to do so.

This is not an unusual drama or story. In the beginning it seems that Saman Ali is going to be in a really different role as she is working in an office and seems fond of work and does not want to leave work and get married but then the drama takes a turn and the story goes on the traditional lines of people coming to see her and she forgetting all her stubbornness and saying yes to marriage.  At this point it seems that she is a traditional girl and wants to marry and go abroad like all the girls in Pakistan.

Actually the story is not showing her to have a consistent character rather sometimes she is behaving like a traditional girl and at other times she is behaving like a modern girl. It gets very confusing at times.

If the writer had shown her a girl who wants to accelerate in her career then the writer should have taken a positive line and Saaman should have continued her education and improved her qualification to accelerate in her career but I do not understand why the writer did not take this line for the Pakistani Drama Zid.


It seems that the Pakistani Drama Zid does not have a theme and story takes many twists and turns which show that the writer is not clear what to show in the next episode. The introduction of the characters of Zee , Rukhi and Uncle Qasim is also confusing.

At the introduction Qasim is shown as a loving father who can do everything for Rukhi her daughter. But when Rukhi wants to marry to her love David her father suddenly turns into a traditional father who does not want her daughter to marry a Gora and he tries to literally abduct her and take her to Pakistan and marry her there with any boy of the family.

This is the family which he has abandoned for many years. And when Rukhi runs away and gets married to David his reaction is typical of a Pakistani father. It seems that Uncle Qasim has changed overnight from a loving father to a stubborn person who does not care for her daughter but for the customs of his family and forefathers. This attitude does not go with his attitude towards his daughter whom he raised with love.

Side Characters

Then there is the character of Zee who is a thief, an addict and very unstable and even then Saman Ali chooses to live with her and does not leave her or decides to stay away from her. This all does not go well with the Saman character portrayed before she comes to the States. The character of Zee is portrayed as if the States iss a country where you can do anything and there is no law and order to protect the citizens and thieves and addicts are common and there is nothing wrong in doing such things.

The character of David is also very inhuman. At one point he is in love with Rukhi and goes to police and registers an FIR against her father and suddenly he is out of the grief and is in love with another girl. I mean even if he is a Gora he is shown as a very loving and caring person and when Rukhi died he was shown as a very devastated person, then suddenly he changes and acts as if nothing has happened.

Let us say that the Pakistani Drama Zid was a debacle.

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