Reach for the Light


The Prophecy of the Clock Tower Part 11

Kal snuck back to the palace and appeared quietly back in his bed, with only the servants having noticed that he had been out. He told the servants to prepare him in his most ostentatious clothes, and he sneakily packed a set of servant’s garments from the laundry in his school bag. When his train set off to the Tower, he had himself carried in a litter at the front (something he never usually did, he mostly just rode a horse to town, or used one of the smaller carriages). However, today, in order to create a spectacle he ordered his servants to bring only the most lavish things.

The servants had actually already realized that something was going on. However, they doted on the Crown Prince and none of them let on that anything unusual was going on. In fact some of the maids even helped his scheme out, adding their own lavish touches to his get up.

Kal took more than an hour to reach the tower due to the massive amount of servants and luggage that his official train contained. by the time he arrived, Sher was already present and had initiated phase 1 of the plan. That morning Sher and added a mild laxative to Master Hafiz’s morning tea. This resulted in the Master having to rush back home, which left the boys free of their usual teacher, who by this point knew their antics well enough to put a wrench in their plans.

Sher had also brought with him the necessary supplies for the diversion which Kal would help to create.

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