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Our Top 4 Reviews of Pakistani Dramas

These are all reviews of any Pakistani Drama we’ve written on this site, arranged in no particular order.

Review #1: Pakistani Drama “Aap Ki Kaneez”

“Aap Ki Kaneez” is a 2015 Pakistani drama serial that originally aired on Geo Entertainment from 15 September 2014 to 23 March 2015, for twenty six episodes. It was directed by Amir Yousaf, written by Faiza Iftikhar and stars Alyy Khan, Shamim Hilaly, Atiqa Odho and Yumna Zaidi in pivotal roles.


The Synopsis of “Aap Ki Kaneez”

So basically Geo describes it as:

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times with the same person, over and over again. But there is always an unusual story to tell.Shah Mir Afandi lost his wife while she was giving birth to their daughter Parniyan 12 years ago, but the love that he felt for her when he laid his eyes on her for the first time is still there. When they got married Sheerin was a divorcee with a 13 year boy Shah Zar from her first marriage, but her past had no effect on him in any way Shah Mir and he is still living with her memories and his house is more of a museum which has Sheerin written all over. But his life takes an unutterable twist when he is forced to marry his servant’s daughter Kaneez who is half the age of his and is uneducated. After hiding his marital status from the family he had to tell them and face their annoyance.Kaneez is the story of a girl who is married to a man who is still in love with his dead wife. Our Kaneez has to sacrifice almost everything in order to gain the respect from her in-laws.Cast: Shamim Hilali, AtiqaOdho, Aly Khan, Yumna Zaidi, Sohail Asghar, Gul-e-Rana, Ayesha Toor, Mohammad Ali Khan, Zainab Jameel, Farah Nadir, ImanWritten By: Faiza Iftikhar

Review #2: Pakistani Drama “Baba Jani”

“Baba Jani” is a Pakistani drama serial written by Faiza Iftikhar and produced by Faisal Qureshi. It was aired on Geo TV.  Network. The cast for“Baba Jani” includes Faisal Qureshi, Madiha Imam, Savera Nadeem and Saba Hameed as major actors. It is a portrayal of typical Pakistani families where all the responsibilities of the family are fulfilled by the men and women only work in home or go for shopping.



Warning: Spoilers…

“Baba Jani” is about a family where the parents died and all the responsibility of three sisters fell on the shoulders of (Faysal Qureshi)  Asfand, as he was the only brother. After marrying all the sisters now he wants to marry his love but the manipulative sisters do not let it happen. Ultimately she gets married to someone else and he also decides to marry someone else. One of his friends suggests that he get married to a girl who is very young for his age. The situation of the family was so bad that he decides to marry her mother instead; His sisters feel very bad and do not come to his marriage which hurts him a lot. His sisters keep trying to destroy his marriage. Then the drama takes a turn and his wife dies as she was suffering from kidney failure and was on dialysis.

The situations lead him to marry again and this time he gets married to the girl he liked as she is divorced and has a kid. He is happy with this marriage but his sisters are not happy and they double their efforts to destroy his marriage. He is shown as a person who manages the situation well and at the end all gets well and everything is fine and at place.

Review #3: Pakistani Drama “Aatish”

“Aatish” is a Pakistani drama serial written by Shagufta Bhatti and dramatized by Momina Duraid. The drama was aired on HUM TV . The main cast was Azfar Rehman and Hina Altaf Khan.


Uploaded by HUM TV

Short Synopsis

This Synopsis was taken from Hum TV.

“Starring Hina Altaf and Azfar Rehman in the pivotal roles, story of ‘Aatish’ revolves around Asma played by Hina Altaf who is a maid for Shehreyar’s (Azfar Rehman) grandmother but is kept as a family member.

Things take a turn when Sheheryar develops feelings for Asma. Will they both find love despite of their class difference?”

Review #4: Pakistani Drama De Ijazat


About the Drama

A Short Synopsis.

The title of the drama is “Baaghi” a word used in both Hindi and Urdu and its meaning is ‘rebel, rebellious’. This is a Pakistani Drama. The protagonist is Fauzia Batool; a young girl who is living a typical life as a poor villager in Pakistani rural areas. She has big dreams of working in the city as a Celebrity and supporting her family with her earnings. Her dreams get cut short when she gets married off at age eighteen to a poor and uneducated husband. Her husband does not treat her well and she finally gets up the courage to leave him. She moves to the city to chase her dreams. Over a period of time, she rises to stardom under the stage name Kanwal Baloch. While doing this, she defies society’s norms and expectations. She breaks all the barriers to success faced by women of her station.

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