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Featured: A Review of the Pakistani Drama “Baba Jani”

About The Drama

“Baba Jani” is a Pakistani drama serial written by Faiza Iftikhar and produced by Faisal Qureshi. It was aired on Geo TV.  Network. The cast for“Baba Jani” includes Faisal Qureshi, Madiha Imam, Savera Nadeem and Saba Hameed as major actors. It is a portrayal of typical Pakistani families where all the responsibilities of the family are fulfilled by the men and women only work in home or go for shopping.



Warning: Spoilers…

“Baba Jani” is about a family where the parents died and all the responsibility of three sisters fell on the shoulders of (Faysal Qureshi)  Asfand, as he was the only brother. After marrying all the sisters now he wants to marry his love but the manipulative sisters do not let it happen. Ultimately she gets married to someone else and he also decides to marry someone else. One of his friends suggests that he get married to a girl who is very young for his age. The situation of the family was so bad that he decides to marry her mother instead; His sisters feel very bad and do not come to his marriage which hurts him a lot. His sisters keep trying to destroy his marriage. Then the drama takes a turn and his wife dies as she was suffering from kidney failure and was on dialysis.

The situations lead him to marry again and this time he gets married to the girl he liked as she is divorced and has a kid. He is happy with this marriage but his sisters are not happy and they double their efforts to destroy his marriage. He is shown as a person who manages the situation well and at the end all gets well and everything is fine and at place.


My Overall Thoughts

This is a drama which is very near to the real life situation in Pakistani society. Sometimes it seems that Asfand is behaving like a fool but then his all the decisions turn out to be well thought out. He plays his role well.

All the actors play their role well and sometimes one feels oneself as part of the drama. One gets involved and waits for the next episode.

The Best Parts of the drama

This drama serial has some very praiseworthy performances, good  music and immersive storytelling. Character interactions in this drama are very near to the reality. This is makes it a good and worth watching drama. The actors have given it life and their acting is very near to the real life.


The actors in “Baba Jani” are all experienced and competent and have played their role with all their capacity giving each role a life. They have very good emotional reactions, and at times they make you cry and laugh with them.

The Script

The story of “Baba Jani” is good and all the dialogues represent our society well. The story does not feel disjointed at all. Every turn in the story seems natural. Although there are many turning points in the  story but all the turning points seem so natural that one accepts them as they are happening.

Things That Were Not good

Although the drama was very good but being a woman I did not like the negative portrayal of so many women. Asfand’s role was very strong but no women has a strong role to show in the drama.

My Final Thoughts

“Baba Jani” is a drama which is based on the observations of real life situation where only one strong and positive character could change the whole situation for the betterment of whole family. It portrays the real life complex situation very well.

My rating for this drama is 8/10.                                           


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