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Featured: A Review of the Pakistani Drama “Aatish”


About the Drama

“Aatish” is a Pakistani drama serial written by Shagufta Bhatti and dramatized by Momina Duraid. The drama was aired on HUM TV . The main cast was Azfar Rehman and Hina Altaf Khan.

The drama received good ratings and led the prime time slot on Mondays. “Aatish” received more than 1 million views on YouTube. The title song was sung by Ali Tariq & Bushra. The music was composed by Hassan Munir and the lyrics written by Sabir Zafar.


Uploaded by HUM TV

Short Synopsis

This Synopsis was taken from Hum TV.

“Starring Hina Altaf and Azfar Rehman in the pivotal roles, story of ‘Aatish’ revolves around Asma played by Hina Altaf who is a maid for Shehreyar’s (Azfar Rehman) grandmother but is kept as a family member.

Things take a turn when Sheheryar develops feelings for Asma. Will they both find love despite of their class difference?”

The Story Explained

The story of“Aatish” is knitted around Asma (Hina Altaf) a young girl who is brought up by Azra Mansoor (Aman Jan) but it is not clear who is her father as she was left with the family by her mother to raise her. She is the part and parcel of the family and she considers all the members of the family as their own but the family members do not consider her the part of family. She is neither a maid as she is not paid and nor considered a family member, but she is content with her situation.

Her position in the family is threatened by the daughter of Aman Jan who lives in America but has come to Pakistan for seeking her daughters in law. She has two sons, Salar and Shehryar. She treats her badly and tells her many times that she is a servant and should behave like a servant. But her younger son Shehryar falls in love with Asma and marries her in secret. Nobody at home knows this and they go back to America while Shehryar submits Asma’s papers for obtaining the residency for Asma.

Now Shehryar is badly injured in an accident and the whole family is very upset. Nobody knows why Asma is most upset.

Meanwhile Asma is pregnant with Shehryars child. The daughter in law of the house comes to know this and as she wants her sister to get married to Shehryar she plans against Asma and with her lies she gets Asma out of the house. She also tells Asma that Shehryar has died in the accident, which is not true.

Now a real difficult time starts for Asma and she bears with all the hardships and gives birth to a son. Then with many difficulties Shehryar finds her and brings her back to home where she is accepted as daughter in law.

My Thoughts

The Cast

The cast was good and everyone played their role in a good manner. It seemed that it is not a drama but a real life story and actors are not acting rather it is really happening to them. The acting was so good that I saw people watching the drama and crying with Asma.


The story does not have any special thing in it rather we should say that it was a common story where the rich people do think that only they have the right for getting respect and poor or dependent do not have any right to respect and honor. The family thinks in traditional manner and do not consider the feelings of poor. They think that although Asma is good but she does not have the right to marry their son as she is the daughter of a maid and they do not know anything about her father.


There are many discrepancies in the story for “Aatish”. At first Asma is shown as a household girl and she does not have any interaction with the outside world. She has been raised in a very protective manner and then suddenly she is so bold that she gets married secretly and is meeting her husband outside the house and gets pregnant as well and when she is thrown  out of the house she manages to survive and gives birth to the child. It does not go with her personality shown in the drama.

Role of Men

On the other hand Nazia bhabi is very good with her but she suddenly gets against her and acts as though she never liked her. She liked her so much that she wanted her to stay in the house for ever. The reason for getting her against Asma is not enough. “Aatish” tries to show that generally in this world women are the ones who play against women which is only true to some extent.

The role of Shehryar in “Aatish” is very weak and though he has played his part well but he does not take a stand for Asma and lets her suffers alone.

Overall Thoughts

Overall “Aatish” was a mediocre depiction of Pakistani society where men are free to do anything but women suffer due to the actions of men and are blamed for everything bad happening in the lives of the couple.

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I rate this drama 6/10.


This review is the Author’s opinion, the author does not claim anything stated here as fact. If you disagree with anything written in this article please do not hesitate to sound of in the comments down below. However, please keep in mind that the author is not liable for any information stated in this post. It is purely opinion.

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  1. Saniya Khan

    Best serial….I Am frm India But I really love to watch pakistani serials and aatish one of the best serial in the whole tv industry…hina altaf and azfar rehman was best actor in the world…lots of love both and aatish team ❤️❤️

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