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Remedy # 9: How to Deal with an Injury


Translation of Hakeem Saeed’s “Dehati Mualij”

Chapt 1 : Accidents; contd.

The scenario given here focus on Internal Injury rather than external injury. Internal injuries are those which do not tear the skin, sometimes not even showing visible damage.  Please be aware that in this article, internal injury does not refer to internal bleeding. In case of External injuries, the best recourse is to get the patient to a doctor immediately, because of high risk of infection.

In case of Injury first steps are:

  1. If the person is bleeding first of all inspect the wound and with a bandage or a clean cloth try to stop the bleeding by tying a cloth as bandage;
  2. In case no open wound is seen then ask the person whether he is feeling pain somewhere and then examine that area;
  3. If the injury is on leg or foot then put a pillow under the leg to sooth the pain;
  4. If the person cannot walk arrange for a cot and put him on the cot and take him to a safer place so that the first aid could be provided;
  5. Give the person cold water to drink;

First Aid in case of Internal Injury

If the bones are not broken but the person is complaining of pain in a certain part then give him hot milk with turmeric and sauté some turmeric in ghee or oil and spread it on cotton, let the mixture cool until no longer very hot and after placing it on the affected place, bandage that place. Give hot milk and turmeric for three days at least.

Note: If the person is unconscious first try to revive him before doing anything, if he could not be revived do not wait and take him immediately to a doctor.

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