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Hakeem Saeed’s “Dehati Mualij” Remedy # 1: If Child puts something in the Ear

Remedy # 1: If Child puts something in the Ear

Translation of Hakeem Saeed’s “Dehati Mualij”

This (Remedy # 1: If Child puts something in the Ear)  is the first entry in our translation of Hakeem Saeed’s “Dehati Mualij”. We will be posting these posts in the same sequence as they appear in the book.  For each Remedy we translate we will scan the relevant original page and insert the photograph here for your perusal. The First Chapter of the Book focuses on Accidents that occur in or around the household.

Remedy # 1: If Child puts something in the Ear

Dehati Mualij Page 17, Chapter 1: Remedy 1

Remedy # 1: If Child puts something in the Ear

Dehati Mualij Page 18, Remedy 1 contd.

Chapter 1: Accidents

Accidents occur everywhere, in the cities and in the villages. The difference is that in cities all the medical facilities are available however, in villages generally no medical or first aid facilities are available. So, villagers have to travel long distances to access the first aid or medical facilities. This makes their life difficult. Here we will explain some of the accidents and ways to deal with them.

Remedy #1:If Child puts something in the Ear

Sometime it happens that while playing with small balls of glass, or some kind of other round or oval thing the kids put it in their ear. Then they get scared and try to remove it with their fingers but instead of coming out it goes deeper inside the ear.  If it is not removed immediately there will be swelling in the ear which will cause pain and sometimes it creates mortal danger for the child.

What to Do

Whatever, the child has put in the ear if it could be seen from outside then use a tweezers to pull it out of the ear. If it is not very near then put two drops of sesame oil in the child’s ear and try to remove it with some kind of thin knitting needle. When it becomes clearly visible then use the tweezers to remove it carefully.

Disclaimer:This blog is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The reader should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to his/her health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

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