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Instant Ideal Home Remedy for Scalding


All About Scalding

The word Scalding means being injured/burned with very hot liquid or steam.

Hot Water

According to American Burn Association approximately 486,000 people in the US visit hospital emergency rooms each year for burn injuries. The number is much more in the developing countries like Pakistan and India. Scalding — burns caused by steam or hot liquids — is the second most common type of burn injury in adults and the leading type among young children.

If you have young children, it is always best to apply immediate first aid before visiting the doctor.  Also, children often acquire such injuries and having a quick and easy method to treat burns is essential.   In our household we prefer using natural remedies over chemicals, as they often have unforeseen side-effects. Thus we have already written articles about home remedies to treat common stomach illnesses such as acidity and diarrhoea.

A Word of Caution

This remedy which we are sharing has been tested many times on small as well as large burns (by scalding). But this is NOT advised for sticky elements (such as tar, hot sugar etc.) or acids or burns with direct flame. This is useful only for burns with boiling water, or oil, or milk or even for tea. It is a very simple remedy but is very effective and usually the person heals within 24 hours.

How did we come to know about this Remedy for Scalding?

My younger brother was playing in the kitchen and my mother was heating water for the children to take bath. She put out the fire and went outside to get something. My brother accidently fell directly on the pot full of boiling water. The water was very hot and he was crying loudly. I got confused and had a bottle full of salt in my hand, it fell down and my brother was covered in salt. Meanwhile my mother heard the noise and came in the kitchen. I tried to tell her the whole story. But I was unable to explain properly what has happened. In this confusion my brother stopped crying and my mother gave him juice to drink. When she gave him the juice she noticed that he is covered in salt.

When she saw this she asked me again what has happened. This time my brother told her the story but he also said that he is not having much pain now.

My mother thought of cleaning the salt and she had heard from someone that mustard oil is good for cleaning the burnt skin so she dipped a big cotton swab in mustard oil and cleaned the burnt parts softly with the swab.

The strange thing was that there were no burn marks except that the skin was a bit raw. I was wondering whether the salt has done the trick or the mustard oil.

It just so happened that the very next day, I accidentally dropped a whole cup of tea on my hand; I covered my hand in salt immediately. It gave me the burning feeling for about five minutes and then everything was getting alright. I told everyone at home and to my friends as well.

One of my friends tried it some days after and after that we have used this remedy for the burns.

The Method Itself

Scalding remedy

I hope you have now understood what the remedy is. If burnt with a hot liquid (scalding) which is not sticky put the salt on it immediately. After half an hour clean it with mustard oil. Do not wash it with water for at least 12 hours. The burn will heal easily.

Disclaimer:This blog is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The reader should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to his/her health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

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