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Painting: In the Dark


This is a Painting by Daima Hussain, one of our Authors.

The girl is meant to be longing for something out of frame and is supposed to represent the modern privileged class who is out of touch with nature and ungrateful and unsatisfied with they have.

We are Posting off schedule Today, as we wanted to do a special post for our first week. Enjoy, and let us know what you think.

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  1. A picture can tell such complex stories. beautiful.

  2. Beautiful context..

  3. Lovely Painting, as painting is a specialty of ours as well, but on a much grander scale, walls and ceilings. This is beautiful to hang in most homes we see in Denver.

  4. It’s such a beautiful piece Daima. .. you did great

  5. Zubaida Hussain

    Nice painting

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