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Hey there,

Today, I wanted to share something close to my heart – a poem I wrote about one of life’s greatest pleasures: food. It’s not fancy or pretentious, just a humble reflection on the joy and comfort we find in the flavors and experiences of eating. So, grab a cup of tea or your favorite snack, and let’s dive into the world of taste and sensation together.

White Vinegar and fish, 

Oh, what a dish, 

My palate revels with lively twists

Of fine aromas and Asian asafoetida blitz.

Herbs and leafy things,

Excite and delight my appetite, 

Things pureed, curried, or fermented, 

Tend to take my day from dreary dull to sparkling splendid. 

Bananas, blueberries, blood oranges, 

Babaganoush, basmati, barramundi, beans, 

From sweet to savoury, 

Each appear in my dreams. 

Food serves to fill, 

It serves to comfort,

It serves to heal, 

Nothing brings family together like a meal.

Oh, human friend, 

What do we live for, 

If not to eat and sleep?

I for one do not seek to weep. 

Taste and sample these 

Délectations, take jouissance, 

Close your eyes, don’t be a miser, 

and share some with your neighbor, 

for what is man for, if not to eat? 

Oh I’m not saying that it’s all 

Consumption rather than redemption, 

But consider, the act of contribution, 

Is it not easier to be grateful for the simple things? 

The taste of sublime chocolate 

Does not deprive you

Of your convictions

Don’t stew in chains of rot.

Yearn to smile, 

Let lemons and limes beguile

You with their citrusy 

Scent and the lure of something hot. 

So, friend, as we navigate the ups and downs of life, let’s not forget to appreciate the little things that bring us joy. Whether it’s a simple meal shared with loved ones or the burst of flavor from a perfectly ripe fruit, let’s cherish these moments and find solace in their simplicity. Here’s to savoring life’s delicious offerings and finding happiness in the everyday.

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