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Karasu – A Poem

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Hey folks, check out my poem about pain—it’s all about how we’ve all been through it, you know? Pain’s like this common thread that ties us together. From those intense feelings to the moments that hit you hard, it’s all part of this shared human journey we’re on. Give it a read, and let’s connect over our ups and downs!

Karasu, Karasu, ah, a black field crow, 

Walking up my spine,

In a shiver of cold,

In mind and body, 

It rivened and flowed,

A sensation brash and bold.

Atimes, rich and full-bodied,

Others thin and see through, 

Like weak cabbage soup,

Unseasoned, unpleasant, 

And slimy as a rope. 

The fogging of senses, 

The dulling defenses,

They all compound and corrode,

Your consciousness, affected. 

The sharpening of a moment,

Bright and coloured vivid, 

Through lenses of experience. 

It taps and rips,

And when it leaves…

A sigh of relief.

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