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Onion Pakora Recipe

This Onion Pakora recipe is a type of traditional onion ring, delicious, vegan, and gluten free. Pakoras make the perfect t snack on a rainy afternoon. 

The Pakora Ingredients 

Gram Flour 4 tbsp. (baisan in Urdu)

2 medium sized Onions sliced thickly into rounds

Water 5-6 Tbsp

Red chili powder ¼ tsp.

Salt ¼ tsp.

Dry coriander seeds – pinch.

Baking soda – a pinch 

Ajwain – a pinch.

Zeera – a pinch.

Oil for frying 1 liter


  1. Cut the onions into thick rounds and separate them into individual rings, then set aside. 
  2. Mix the gram flour, salt, red chili, coriander, baking soda, ajwain, zeera in a large bowl. 
  3. Heat the oil in a wok. 
  4. Add 4 tbsps. of the water and create a paste that is thin enough that it is the consistency of hot cream, add more water if needed.
  5. Then, add all the onions in one go, and move around with a spatula or your hands until all the onions are completely coated in the mixture.
  6. Once the oil is sizzling, add the onion rings in batches, making sure to separate them as you’re adding them to avoid clumps. 
  7. Let it cook, flipping occasionally for about 2 mins, once they start getting a medium brown, take them out and drain the oil on paper towels. 

Serve piping hot pakoras with Green chilli chutney. 

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