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Green Pumpkin Yogurt Recipe

Green Pumpkin Yogurt (kadoo ka raita)

Pakistani people are fond of spicy food and chatneys and raitas are a favourite side dish to serve with rice or flat bread and every kind of curry. It is very delicious and nutritious as well as easy to make. It could be ready in 15 minutes and is a valuable addition on the dining table. 

Ingredients for Green Pumpkin Yogurt

Pumpkin small ¼ kgs

Yogurt ½ Kg

Green coriander finally chopped 1 cup

Green mint finally chopped 1 cup 

Green chili 2 chopped

Salt ½ tspn


Peel and wash the pumpkin;

Now grate it by using a grater.

Put a cooking pan on medium heat and add grated pumpkin and half a cup of water, cover it with a lid,

Let it cook until the pumpkin is soft and water is dry, it will take about 6 minutes;

Put it aside to cool;

Put green coriander, green mint, green chili and salt in a grinder and grind well;

Now take a bowl big enough for half kg of yogurt; 

Use a whisk to mix the yogurt so that it becomes smooth,

Add the ground green chili, mint and coriander mixture,

And at the end add boiled pumpkin and mix well, 

Very delicious Green Pumpkin Yogurt side dish is ready to serve.

Best of luck with your cooking! 

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