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Ayurveda Medicines Versus Modern Medicines?

Written by Zubaida Hussain

It would be appropriate, to begin with, a quote from Maharishi Charaka about Ayurveda. According to him, “Ayurveda deals with the good, bad, unhappy, and joyful existence, its non-promoters, and its promoters, measure, nature, mind, self, and body, these three form a tripod on which the living universe sits.”

The science of life and longevity is Ayurveda. This holistic approach to living encompasses everything related to living, food, a balanced diet, nutrition, lifestyle, physical activity, yoga, and health concerns and how we treat them. When modern medicine’s methods of treatment are contrasted with those of Ayurveda, we find that the benefits of Ayurvedic medicines profoundly impact any health issue.

Ayurvedic Medicines vs Modern Medicines

L0033420 Ayurvedic medicine Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images God of Ayurvedic medicine, possibly Dhavantari. Sanskrit 172. Ink 1907 Published: –Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

Ayurveda’s therapeutic methods and advantages are well-known. This branch of natural science looks at the causes of all illnesses and concentrates on boosting the immune system of the patient to eradicate them. Ayurveda places more emphasis on the individual than the illness. This is how their medications respond to the body system and the medical treatment. The main way that it is treated differently is that it targets the underlying causes of the condition rather than just trying to mask the symptoms.

When it comes to the Ayurvedic therapy method, has a unique secret tucked away in its organic core. Ayurvedic medicines are made by combining natural herbs, plant roots, spices, vegetables, and fruits that support the system in a synergistic manner, hence this method has no adverse effects. When utilising current medications, however, there are a number of adverse effects, including allergies, weakness, and the famed hair loss. Given that they include substances that may inhibit the immune system, this result is to be expected.

Ayurvedic products and treatments help the body detoxify and clean itself so that the metabolic process in the body continues without interruption and the body continues to produce new body tissues in a balanced manner to keep the body always fresh and healthy. This is one of many inconsistencies between Ayurveda and modern medicine. Detoxification is a key component of treatment because it allows for the removal of elements that contribute to disease and ageing. This improves health and slows the ageing process.

Ayurvedic Treatment vs Allopathic Treatment

The duration of both therapies is another consideration. Ayurvedic medicine takes longer to demonstrate effectiveness than modern treatment modalities (allopathy). While allopathic medication might quickly induce the perception of a cure, it simply affects perception. Only the disease’s outward symptoms are treated; the illness’s underlying cause is left unaffected. However, if we discuss the advantages of Ayurvedic therapies, they strengthen the system from several aspects and eliminate the root causes of the issue; this all-encompassing strategy can help someone stay healthy for a long time.

The differences between allopathic and ayurvedic treatment methods have been like a melting pot. If we approach illness objectively, however, we discover that the entire strategy is selfless service to assist patients in regaining their health and leading satisfying lives. The patients’ improvement in their mental, bodily, and psychological health following an Ayurvedic treatment is therefore not surprising. This is so that Ayurveda can achieve it by correctly restoring balance to every aspect of human physiology. And the healing is done healthily without side effects. Patients heal from even known incurable diseases in this way.

The relevance and demand for Ayurvedic goods during COVID would be fascinating, even though it is difficult to summarise the diagnostic paradigms and advantages of Ayurveda over modern medicine in a single essay. This is because of the holistic approach it takes to health.

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