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Featured: A Review of the Pakistani Drama “Hum Tum”

Hum Tum Drama Overview

Hum Tum is a must-watch drama because it is not only a comedy but also sets an example for our traditional society. The script of the drama, Hum Tum, has been written by Saima Akram Chaudhry, and is directed by Danish Nawaz and produced by Momina Duraid. It is generally difficult to write a comedy and convert it into an interesting drama. Hum Tum is so interesting, that once you start watching you cannot leave it in the way. The writer has knitted the progressive ideas into the script so wisely that one does not feel any such thing at the start.


Synopsis of Hum Tum

Do opposites really attract or is it all a farce? Hum Tum – a modern, humorous and very ‘21st Century’ hate-to-love story between two youngsters, Neha played by the gorgeous and talented Ramsha Khan and Adam played by the dashing Ahad Raza Mir encircles just that.

Will the two chemistry students be able to put their contradicting likes and dislikes aside for each other’s sake and develop chemistry of their own? Watch HUM TUM To Find Out!

Positives of Hum Tum

Great Entertainment

Hum Tum is a comedy serial, therefore the main reason most people would tune into this show is to get entertained. Comedy is perhaps the most challenging genre since it can be a hit or a miss. Hum Tum keeps you engaged and entertained. It gives you a lot to laugh about with its quality content. The overall feel and the content of the show are on point. The casting is perfect and adds to the entertainment value. It has enough substance to offer something new in every single episode but does not compromise on quality. We should congratulate both Saima Akram Chaudhry and Danish Nawaz for their excellent work. In the beginning, it feels as if some of the characters or scenarios are over the top but as the story progresses, the treatment given to the play grows on you. If you have not started watching this drama yet, tune in now and we guarantee you will be immediately hooked on it.

Unusual Female Characters

The female characters are unusual and progressive. The girls in the drama are confident, absorbed in the work they are doing and are not bothered by the criticism of their father and his friends who are always saying and complaining about not having a son. The drama breaks stereotypes like no other. It has intelligent and independent females who cannot do housework and do not feel the need to do so! On the other hand, the men are more independent in this department. Along with the progressive main female leads, young and old, the main male characters Adam and Sarmad have great respect for all these women. Even though Adam and Neha are constantly fighting, Adam does accept the fact that Neha is an intelligent young lady. Also, he is against the idea that having a son is a must or that girls cannot do things that men can. Even Tammana Nani believes in financial independence.


Hum Tum has a variety of characters and there is something new and likeable about all of them. Whether they are the independent females such as Maha, Neha, Milli, or Sasha or the male leads, all these characters bring something new to the table. The most important element of this play which stands out is the older characters such as Daddu and Tamana Nani. They are not just the older parents in the story but they are also characters with life and objective of their own. Both of them have their own careers and aspirations in life. They are full of life and question the idea that a person should stop living their lives to the fullest at a certain age. These characters are just as strong as most of the leading characters. Even though the writer has successfully broken so many stereotypes, she has done so while keeping things as realistic as possible. Obviously, comic situations are over the top, but characterisations are on point throughout.

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