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Featured: A Review of the Pakistani Drama “Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat”

About the drama

The drama “Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat” is written by Mamoona Aziz and produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi under Big Bang Entertainment. Syed Zeeshan Ali Zaidi has directed the production of the drama.


Overall Thoughts

The cast of “Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat” was unconventional but competent as most people were not very familiar with Amna Ilyas, and Ayeza Awan. Although Junaid Khan, Emmad Irfani, and the other actors were old in the drama world, but these two women actors were new. The drama was an emotional roller coaster as it was difficult to predict what is going to happen next.

Review of “Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat”

The drama begins with Aliza (Amna Ilyas) in tears over the sudden change of events. She is being forced to marry Maaz (Junaid Khan) now that Arisha (Ayeza Awan) has run away to get married to a rich man. Her father (Sajid Hasan) is miserable and begs her to save his dignity by marrying her cousin. Ultimately, the stage is set with the bride and groom ready for the Nikkah. But there is no happiness on their face.

Apparently, he asked her to marry him the day they met and Arisha has been involved with him ever since. Of course, his money and charm lured her all the more to him, compelling her to break Maaz’s heart forever. While she enjoys a romantic end to the night, Maaz and Aliza are devastated. Our hero cannot stop crying and breaks down the moment he enters his room decorated for the wedding. The actor made sure his breakdown doesn’t appear over-dramatic and comes off naturally as Maaz weeps for Arisha. He cried like a helpless baby who is in deep pain and anguish, making the audience sob for him alongside. Junaid has surely proved that he is an impeccable performer and can pull off any scenes that come his way. He cries like a child, a messed-up man, and a jilted lover.

Aliza is in deep shock at the state of affairs and cries uncontrollably at her fate. But things get even worse the next morning. Maaz’s mother (Shagufta Aijaz) begins to inflict her wrath upon the bride, cursing her and forcing her to work as a maid in her new home. While Maaz is silent to the whole scene, his sister taunts him too for being a forlorn lover who spent his whole life loving Arisha. This triggers Maaz, who loses his temper and makes it clear that no one should make snide remarks about his life.

Meanwhile, Arisha begins a new life with her husband only to get taunted on her first day as a wife that girls belonging to her economic class just live and breathe for their husbands, and that’s why he married her.

Amna Ilyas had few dialogues in this episode but she conveyed all her emotions with her expressions- the shock, the trauma, and the vulnerability.

Story Summary (with SPOILERS)


“Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat” is the story of two sisters Aleeza and Areesha. Aleeza is sacrificing and caring while Areesha does not care about anyone but herself. Areesha’s elopement with a rich guy on the eve of her marriage forces her family to marry the elder one (Aleeza) to Areesha’s fiance, Maaz. It is only a matter of time before Areesha returns to spoil the couple’s married life.

Aleeza and Areesha are sisters of opposite natures. Aleeza is mature and of caring nature while Areesha is impulsive. Maaz, their cousin, is engaged to Areesha but she doesn’t respect him due to his poverty. During a friend, Shanzay’s party, Areesha catches the eye of a rich guy, Hasaan, and decides that she will somehow marry this rich person. Aleeza is teaching in a school where Saad her colleague gets interested in her. Maaz promises Saad, Aleeza’s colleague, to convince her for marriage.

Areesha runs away on the day of her marriage. Areesha asks Maaz to postpone the wedding. Under family pressure, she unwillingly admits to marrying. Maaz’s mother stops Aleeza from doing the mehndi ceremony in front of the guests. Areesha runs away on her wedding night leaving her father devastated. Maaz’s mother suggests marrying Aleeza and Maaz.

Areesha runs away and marries Hasaan, the rich boy she met at Shanzay’s birthday party and was secretly dating him. Meanwhile, Aleeza and Maaz get married. Maaz’s mother, Rehana, behaves rudely with her. Aleeza’s parents are worried for her future as Rehana dislikes her due to her failed first marriage.

Saad calls Maaz who hides his marriage with Aleeza and asks him never to call again. Areesha sends her wedding pics to Aleeza. Everyone blames Aleeza for Areesha’s action except Maaz. Areesha is bored of Hasaan being a typical attention-seeking husband.

Aleeza’s father dies due to a heart attack caused by Rukhsana’s harsh words. She informs Areesha about their father’s demise. Aleeza’s mother gets insane after her husband’s death. Areesha comes to see her father for the last time and leaves right after the funeral. Maaz insists Aleeza on admitting her mother to a rehabilitation center. Aleeza admits her mother to a rehabilitation center.

Meanwhile, Areesha is having an affair with her husband’s friend and is meeting him out of the house. Her husband catches her red-handed and divorces her. She goes to her aunt’s house where Maaz and her aunt welcome her warmly and she shares a self-made wrong story about her married life and divorce which they believe. Now since Maaz has got a promotion and is living in a good house Areesha starts her love drama again with Maaz and her aunt also supports her. Both of them blame Aliza for having an affair with Saad and Maaz asks her to go back to her father’s house, which she does. Now Maaz and Areesha are free to enjoy their life and decide to divorce Aliza and get married to Areesha. Till the end of the drama, the audience was unable to know that Maaz is planning something else. It becomes clear only in the last episode that actually Maaz was playing with Areesha and wanted to punish her. In the end, Areesha met a bad accident and died.

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