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Meethi Seviyan (Sweet Vermicelli)

This is a very simple recipe and is very common in Pakistan. Most of the people cook meethi seviyan on Eid ul Fitr. When we were young, we used to recite a verse which goes `Eidul Fitr-khadian seviyan tey latha fikr` (It is Eid ul Fitr today we have eaten sweet vermicelli and are now free of all problems). I love this saying and have taught this to my kids as well. You can enjoy this sweet seviyan as a dessert after finishing a heavy meal or serve it to your friends as an appetizer. So, if you are ready to give everyone a treat, try this easy recipe and enjoy!

Ingredients of Mithi Seviyan, 6 Servings

2 cup vermicelli

1/4 cup pistachios

1/4 cup chopped almonds

1 tablespoon ghee

1 green cardamom

3 tablespoon raisins

3 ½ cups of water

1 cup sugar


  1. Break the vermicelli in small pieces,
  2. Put ghee in a cooking pan and add 1 green cardamom. Let it on light fire for 15 seconds;
  3. Now roast seviyan or vermicelli in ghee till they are golden brown, Keep the heat low,
  4. When the vermicelli is golden brown put 3 ½ cup of water in it and add sugar and all the dry fruits chopped already;
  5. Cook on medium heat for five or six minutes or until dry;
  6. Now put them in a serving tray so that they are not sticky;
  7. Meethi sevyian are ready to serve;

Enjoy and share with us your experience!

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