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Story Bites 2: A Poem for Him

This my creative attempt for the day, a bit mediocre, but hey, at least I gave it a shot, without further ado: A Poem for Him.

Him – A Wishful Poem

He is fragrant matar chawwal, laced with the scent of home

He is strong, warm, and amber; with a side of emerald

He is a warm brown shade fleetingly glimpsed,

He is a green, verdant field studded with strawberries

He is a cosy four bedroom house, with a dazzling view

Full of the generosity of a pup, the openhearted alpha wolf

Is an elegant silken suit; meant for great works.

He is a falcon swooping down, capturing his prey;

His arms ever open.

He is a warm hearth, welcoming all with open doors.

He is a temple (masjid), full of blessings and cheer;

With a just a dash of desperate hope.

His gaze seeks, striking hard, the arrow piercing.

He is a shield, guarding and protecting

He is laughter that bursts out in irrepressible gaiety.

He is sorrow, smoothed softly away with a kiss.

Most greatly; he is sunshine – impossible to miss.

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