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Story Bites 1: A Happy Day

Story bites

Hey Everyone! Long time no see, huh? Let’s start with a new format: Story Bites! I’m happy to report that I’m back online and from now on I’m changing it up; every week I will post short and sweet little stories i.e. bite-sized story snippets. This is the first. Enjoy!

A Happy Day

Walking along the narrow streets of Rawalpindi, Asma and her dog Fluffy were feeling depressed. Asma had just been scolded by her mother and had not been allowed to buy a doll she had wanted for a long while. Asma had been furiously angry and had shouted at her mother, “I hate you! You never allow me to get anything I want!” She had been roundly disciplined and sent out to walk the dog by her father.

Asma walked and walked, sighing and groaning, when suddenly she was jerked to a stop by Fluffy. She looked up and saw a mother and her daughter sitting on the sidewalk begging for food. A man passed by them and threw a piece of bread at the mother, who thanked him pathetically. She was suddenly struck by the thought of being in the position of the little beggar girl. Asma thought how horrible it would be, and her life in comparison felt like a bed of roses.

She strode up to the woman and, pulling out the pouch holding her pocket money, she emptied out her savings in the woman’s lap. “Here, you can buy food with this.” She said softly and walked away.

She spent the rest of the walk having fun with her dog. When she went back home she apologized to her mother and they made up. That day she learned the secret to a happy day: being grateful for what you have.

Moral: “Be thankful for what you have.”

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  1. Zubaida

    Lovely story

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