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Featured : A Review of the Pakistani Drama “Paiwand”


About the drama

This drama was written by Shagufta Bhatti, its cast consists of Sana Javed, Ahmed Ali, Gohar Rasheed, Sadia Faisal, Sajid Hasan, Nazli Nasar, Shehryar Zaidi and Amber Wajid. The drama “Paiwand” was directed by Mohsin Mirza and ran from August to November 2015 with a total of 27 Episodes. The name “Paiwand” meaning connection or patch – as in patch-up.



Women are always considered to be understanding and accommodating to every formidable situation in life.

‘Paiwand’ is a story of an extra ordinary girl, Saniya and her widow mother Tabassum, who gets married to Mr. Malik leaving Saniya on the mercy of her uncle. Saniya brought up by her uncle alone, wants to become an independent and practical girl. She starts working from very tender age to get rid of her step father’s pity financial support.

Though mystery of destiny unfolds new plans for her. As Malik’s daughter (Maya) runs away with her boyfriend on her wedding day, Saniya is forced to get married instead of her. Saniya saves the pride of her step father by marrying Hassam, acting as a replacement or “Paiwand”


My Overall Thoughts

“Paiwand” is interesting mostly because of its premise: that of a replacement bride. The main character is like a twisted Cinderella. She is put-upon buy almost everyone around her but endures it good-heartedly. (Or at least I got the impression that this was what the writers were aiming at.) Unfortunately the writers of “Paiwand” lose the plot (pun intended) somewhere around the two-thirds mark of the drama. The drama goes completely off the rails with a surprise plot-twist that to me seemed forced and overdone. Like an attempt to be edgy that fell short of the mark. The writers don’t deliver the Cinderalla story they promised and leave one feeling a sort of “Meh” disregsard of the drama as a result.

The Best Parts of the drama

The premise and the earlier set-up is the fun part of the drama, not quite leaving you at the edge of your seat but nonetheless feeding the rom-com hungry beast living in my heart.


The drama starts off pretty well and goes on to set-up the premise of the story. The earlier episodes go all out in setting up the heroine and her tragic circumstances. The hero is introduced along with his family and the antagonists. The stage get set and these episodes are in my opinion the best part of the series.

The Plot

The plot is a good mix of predictable and keep-you-on-your-toes. It mixes clichés with new material in interesting ways and up till the halfway mark stays fun and thrilling.

Things That Were Not good

This is one those dramas with the bad outweighing the good. The main gripes I have with it is:


The characterization is kind of annoying and sometimes way to on-the-nose and cliché. The heroine is sad and dreary, submissive and a thoroughly victimized female. She never stands up for herself and is kind of depressing. She says that she will become independent but never even tries. The hero’s mother is portrayed as a horrendous caricature of the evil mother-in-law. The hero seems kind of clueless and very indecisive.

Plot Twist

I don’t wanna spoil anything but the plot goes horrendously off the rails and throws the premise right in the trash leaving a sour taste in my mouth.

My Final Thoughts

The drama is “Meh”.

My rating for this drama is 4/10.                                           


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