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Lesson Plan Template

Daily Instructional Lesson Plan 1
Content Area(s)/Course/Grade: Grade 3  Unit: 1
Lesson Topic: IntroductionDate: 15/5/2020
Teacher: Daima HussainSchool: Orchard School System
Encourage the children to speak English again after the holidayDevelop the children’s listening skillsBreak the ice and get students acquainted with one anotherAllow students to come to grips with teacher expectations. Students will be made aware of the Class Rules and Routines
Student Outcome(s):
Improve their listening skills. Break the ice and get them to talk about themselves.
Context for Learning
The first lesson after summer holidays with a new class and teacher, the students are encouraged to introduce themselves; get to know class mates and familiarize themselves with upcoming coursework and teacher expectations.
Instructional Delivery
Opening Activities/Motivation: Each student is provided with two sheets: a worksheet and question sheet. Clear instruction will be written on the board and also modeled to the students. An expectations and teacher introduction presentation will be given.  Each student will be provided with colour pencils. For the “know each other?” activity, divide students into groups of four, and then instruct them to learn their classmates’ names, evaluate each of their attempts.
Students will move to their assigned seat, and then silently fill out the first part of the simple introduction worksheet. Part of the worksheet is to be filled by themselves, the rest is to be filled by their desk partner. They will then swap their sheet with their partner and open their question sheet. The teacher will give the students 15 minutes to complete this activity in complete silence. The teacher will introduce themselves and ask the students to fill out the MCQs on the question sheet using information learned from her. Have a name each student chain words game, where the teacher starts using her name, then student with the name starting with the last letter of her name names themselves and so on. It can be done using a soft ball also, passing the ball to the person tpo call ot and so on.
Assessment/Evaluation (Formative/Summative)
Assessment/Evaluation: Formative The students will do the “know each other?” activity, They will be divided into groups of 4. Each group will be evaluated and the group which can name the most other students wins.
Closure: Students will colour their worksheets.    
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