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Linseed (Flaxseed or Alsi) Desert (Alsi ki Pinni)

This desert is usually made in winter and is considered good for health. It is a traditional food of the subcontinent. It is called Alsi ki  Pinni in the local language. It is very delicious and nutritious. Here is the recipe.


Alsi (linseeds , Flaxseed) – 500 gms. (groind to powder)

Jaggery or sugar – 750 gms.

Almonds – 100 gms.

Raisins  – 100 gms.

Peanuts seeds 100 gms .

Cardamom  – 5 (peel and grind)


  • Grind peanuts and almonds and put them in a bowl
  • Clean the raisins but do not wash,
  • Take a Kadahi
  • Pit it on medium flame and roast the alsi (linseed Flaxseed) powder.
  • When it changes colour pit the flame out.
  • Mix the cardamom powder, raisins, and almond and peanut powder,
  • Mix all these things well.
  • Now put a pan on medium flame and put ` cup of water in it.
  • Pour all the sugar in the water and cook until the sugar dissolves.
  • Now add this mixture into the ingredients ready in the Kadahi and mix it quickly. Leave it to cool for one or two minutes and then make balls of it .
  • Very delicious desert is ready.
  • You can eat one or two balls in the breakfast, or you can take it with evening tea.
  • Best of luck with your cooking.
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