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Precautionary Measures for Diabetic Patients

According to the World Health Organization statistics 422 million people are suffering from diabetes all over the world. This number is continuously rising.  It can affect the eyesight, lungs, kidneys and can also cause heart disease..

It has been researched by the scientists that diabetes is the result of unhealthy life style, unhealthy food patterns, and use of excessive carbohydrates. There is no concept of healthy diet in most of the families and use of meat is considered the height of fashion. People usually show off about the use of excessive protein in their diet.

One can take actions to reduce the risk of diabetes. These actions are easy enough and every one even the poorest of the poor can stay away from diabetes by taking some precautionary measures. If one is doing the following one can control diabetes if he/she is a patient, or can be safe from this disease if he/she is not suffering. Here are some steps one can take easily:

  1. Drink at least four glasses of water before breakfast and drink a lot of water during the day;
  2. Eat as much raw vegetables as you can, rather make it  a habit to eat salad daily;
  3. Use black gram at least twice a week;
  4. Cut on the carbohydrates,
  5. Use freshly cooked food and avoid take away and other packed food;
  6. Do some kind of exercise daily, it could be a walk or yoga or anything else;
  7. If you feel that you are gaining weight try to reduce it immediately
  8. Add as much greens to your diet as you can like spinach, cabbage, chinese cabbage, cucumber, fenugreek etc.
  9. Drink a mug of coffee daily;
  10. Eat white meat twice a week. It includes fish and chicken.
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