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Beauty Tip #53: Banana Facial Scrub

Banana Facial Scrub

This Banana Facial Scrub cleanses out your pores, removes black heads and excess oil. It regulates skin pH and leaves your skin smooth, shining and fresh.

The Ingredients

This Banana Facial Scrub has the following Ingredients:

  • Banana
  • Honey
  • Coarse Rice Flour

Why Banana?

Bananas have a lot of nutrients in them that enhance the skin;

  • Rich in potassium and moisture, it will hydrate and moisturizes dry skin, making it soft and supple.
  • Banana is a great exfoliator which helps slough off excess sebum on skin surface.
  • It also contains and contains moisture, potassium, and vitamins E and C, which all promote clear glowing skin.
  • Banana and its peels are excellent homemade remedies for treating acne and pimples.
  • Evens out general skin discolorations
  • Bananas, also known as nature’s botox, contain super wrinkle fighting nutrients that helps fade age spots and prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming.

Why Rice Flour?

Rice Flour Scrub

Rice flour has many benefits for the skin:

  • It is exfoliating while also being soft and gentle as possible.
  • Rice Flour Scrub can treat hyper-pigmentation and blemishes on the face.
  • The Rice flour scrub smooth’s fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Has firming and lifting properties.
  • It has oil absorbing properties; which help to keep skin clear.
  • Rice Flour scrub acts as a good anti-inflammatory and skin whitening agent

Why Honey?

The Honey has properties which help to purify the skin:

  • Honey cleans out impurities from skin pores.
  • Honey is naturally antiseptic; it has healing and soothing properties.
  • Honey is a humectant so it moisturises, prevents wrinkles and soothes and heals dry patches.
  • Honey helps in reducing acne scarring.
  • It also has brightening properties.

The Method

How to Make?

This Banana Facial Scrub is very easy to make.

1 tbsp. Banana (Mashed)

½ tsp. Honey

½ tbsp. Coarse Ground Rice Flour


Mix the three ingredients in small bowl with a wire whisk until well combined.

How to Use?

Apply the scrub onto your face and rub in gentle circular motions for at least 2 minutes and then wait five minutes before washing it off with warm water. Then splash cold water afterward and pat your face dry with a paper towel. While the skin is still slightly damp, use your favorite moisturizer to lock in the moisture. I talk more about this method in my Rose Water Hydrating Mist Post.

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