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Green Mango Chutney Recipe

Today we are sharing very tasty raw mango chutney. As it is Ramzan and everyone is fond of Pakoras (see recipe here) and samosas in Ramzan so the chutney becomes an  essential part of Iftar, hence this recipe.

Chutney is not a new introduction to food but it has been in use since 500 BC. In the old days chatneys were made of different ingredients and there were thousands types of chutneys used to make the food delicious. Now a days most chatneys are being replaced by the packaged pickle and chatneys. But we at  Charda Suuraj think that the old recipes should be preserved.

Chatney is a very common side dish in Pakistani and Indian food. It is a sauce which is used to make different kinds of side dishes. The most commonly it is used with curd or butter. Sometimes it is also used with tomatoes.

The recipe I am going to share adds taste to food, considered good for digestive system and has specific fragrance of mint and green coriander.  It is used with Pakoras (see recipe here), Samosas, and with different kinds of rice specially biryani (see recipe here).

Chutney can either be made with the help of a mortar and pestle or could be made in a blender. As the most households are now using the blender so I would suggest you make it in a blender because it is easier and saves time as well.


1 cup raw mango pulp

1 clove of garlic

½ cup mint leaves

½ cup green coriander

4 green chilies

1 teaspoon salt

½  cup water


  1. Wash the mint leaves;
  2. Cut the green coriander finely
  3. Cut green chilies in small pieces
  4. Put the raw mango pulp, garlic clove , green coriander, mint leaves and green chilies in a blender, add ½  cup of water and blend it well.
  5. Delicious and fragrant chutney is ready to serve with pakoras, samosas or  anything else.

Best of luck for your cooking!

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